Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Book of Mormon Reading Request - From Friday/Saturday to Conference in April

Today I was issued a challenge from a good friend that has a lot of potential:
"Starting on Friday or Saturday, start the Book of Mormon over and read 8 pages a day. That will have you finishing it right at General Conference in April."
Not only will it gear you for personal revelation, this activity is actually going to help my friend out with a fellowshipping activity she is conducting. She wants to show her friend she's inviting back to church that she's not the only one preparing for Conference by reading the Book of Mormon. 
Who's up for it? 8 pages a day! 
Comment below if you are ready to take the reading challenge!  And if you are, tag a blog post 8 Pages A Day or put #8PagesADay or #pray4laurie on your Facebook shares to read from others taking the challenge!
- Jeremy Unitt

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