Friday, January 17, 2014

January 16, 2014

This week has been very nice. I worked five days this week, and I am happy about that, for it is the maximum amount of days that I can work. Before I move on to other subjects, I would like to write about the people that I work with, so you can know the people of my day and residence. Many of them only speak Spanish, so I feel like I work in a foreign nation. I lived in China before I came to work here for the first time, and I don't feel much different. I joked on Facebook once that I feel like I work among Despicable Me minions. Although there are many young people, most people have children even though they are teenage and single.
When I work in the factory, I try to be the most efficient that I can. We put these cardboard contraptions called dividers into boxes to keep the product presentable. Most people open them one at a time with both hands, but I take two and press them against my chest to open them. I thought about the probability of error, which was not high; however, applying angles to how I open the dividers, I reduced the error to practically zero.
After work I went on a run, and I was so exhausted. I have never been on a run straight after work, so I decided to go out for twenty minutes to see how I felt. In the way back, a casual cyclist passed me. I like to chase these people, and see how far I can last. I did okay, but I died after about four minutes. When he was about to speed away down a hill, I gave up.
Trevor came home yesterday evening. I feel more complete when more family is home. Irenia, his Bolivian girlfriend, and Trevor call each other a lot. When Trevor came home, I tried to make sure that he would not be spoiled. He brought his luggage in, and I told him that he will be taking up stairs his luggage. He somehow got us to take his luggage apart supposedly to get our gifts. We have a grand old time together, laughing so much that you think that we are on something. I have not felt that exhausted in years.
I got a date tomorrow, being Friday. I am so excited, but I probably won't talk about it because I respect her and keep the relationship sacred. I may write about it, if it develops well. I usually don't write about all the dates that I have been on.

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