Tuesday, January 13, 2015

'Telling the Truth' by Lesego Mholo

I'd rather be hurt by you telling me the truth than lies. Keep deceiving people and think they don't know. One day it will catch up with you. The truth hurts when its contrary to what your made to believe. In one way or another lies always catch up with us, our consciousness doesn't let us lie for too long. Lying affects trust and loyalty in a relationship when your lied to you feel like you no longer belong you feel inadequate, telling the truth solidifies a relationship bond, and it might signify love or care; furthermore, telling the truth to me it tells that your emotionally mature. The truth makes me feel secure.

Sometimes we give our hearts to people, and they think we are stupid for that we end up depending on them for loyalty. Truth is the only way two people can survive in a relationship and mutual understanding but reassurance and trust are the only things that might keep the relationship functioning. Dishonesty is the beginning of a fading relationship and for some what reason that we think lying is a form of protection for our loved ones but little do we know that we are destroying our belonging. Telling the truth on its own shows a form of respect and love. The biggest coward in the world is a man or woman who awakens one's love with no in tension of loving them.


  1. Can anyone help me to find Samuel mholo bachelor of veterinary medicine, Edinburgh university Scotland, 25yrs ago, originally from Botswana, age 59,60,,?

    1. "Hey I don't know him but I think I know some one who does. He was named after my grandfather." - Lesego Mholo

  2. Hi Alexander was just wondering if you had any success in helping me to find Samuel mholo,? With kind regards