Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Gilbert Temple Open House Pictures and Baptisms!

we've had such a fun week going to the Gilbert Temple this week and we still have tons more reservations

these are the other members that are super cool, she is from Peru and so is he. We went with a lady that doesnt come to church very often and her daughter her name is lisa :)

We went to the temple yesterday with Roxane and her family except her son, they felt the spirit so strong especially in the celestial room. Asuncion the youngest asked who that was at the top of the temple,
"the  angel moroni the one who appeared to joseph smith"
"Does that mean anything"
"yes, but i am not sure"
that is how i picture angles in heaven, all in white, in heaven, in two columns, blowing their trumps ans Christ coming down in the middle"
" have you seen that picture before?"
"no. Ive just imagined it that way ever since i was a little girl, ans i was one of those angels!"
i love her!
we soon went into the chapel when, they all saw that exact picture and felt so much joy, it was a super cool experience.

these two cutiepies have a baptisimal date for two saturdays from now, hteir mother is so spiritual and she loves the church, before she has even sought a priesthood blessing from some brethren and she has so much faith and so did her daughter at the hospital at the time did. when she asked her daughter after she recieved the blessing how she felt, she said she felt more relazed and suddenly could move her limbs better. She has had many great examples of members of the church in her life that she trusted they were servants of God.

this is my favorite picture of our resurrected Lord

i love this family to death!!  they are the most prepared people for the gospel. before we left the hosue she had us offer a prayer!! cool right??! and she wanted us to bless the food before we ate! and she dresses modestly and so do her daughters, she is such a good example to them.

here are the baptism of Blanca and JAnet! 
1st this was us at their baptismal interview..
these are all her lovely children at the service.. it was hard getting them in the picture, but its ok i bribed them with donuts ;)

these are some of the wonderful sisters in our branch that were their supporting them!! i love these women!

children of God :' )

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