Tuesday, January 14, 2014

From Tracting To Blogging: My try at the sharing via blogs invitation

Hello everyone, a quick introduction to myself, and then to the purpose of my blog.

First of all, my name is Jeremy Unitt, and I was asked to share a little bit about myself, and also introduce my blog.

I think I just repeated myself...

I was born at West Point, New York, and an a military dependent. For those of you not familiar with the term, it means I went where my Dad goes. So I've been around. New York, Texas, Alaska, Alabama, Belgium, and I served in Honduras as a full-time missionary.

I've always been a writer at heart. I didn't recognize how much people enjoyed what I wrote till about senior year, where I sort of had a epiphany moment when one of my all time favorite tabletop war games was discontinued (yes...NOT COOL. But who can judge inspiration) and realized how much I wanted to make writing a part of my life.

It wasn't till the mission where I got the desire to begin to write about life in general. More specifically, what it meant to be a member of the restored Church of Jesus Christ. The idea for blogging those feelings came from three separate sources, which I shall post in brilliantly numbered format.

1. The Worldwide Leadership Broadcast aptly titled The Work of SalvationView Here 
This broadcast intended on instruction on the newly created methods of inviting those to hear the gospel message online stuck out to me for its promises and its initiatives. I was in Honduras when this was streamed, and held on to the idea of creating a blog ever since June of last year, working on the title and what I was going to post till I was released and had a chance to make it.                                 

2. Fall 2012 BYU Magazine Article Technology and the Soul, by Amy Petersen Jensen: View Here 
I had read this article when it first came out, but the message didn't stand out till after the broadcast, hence the reason I cite it second. In a nutshell the message promotes the use of technology, such as social networking and the like, and unite it with the divine and edifying. I read it again within days of coming back home and it reconnected to me, like an old friend.

3. The Sharing the Gospel page and Sharing Via Blogs: View Here 
This was like my instruction guide. I based the few first couple of posts on it.

Sugar, spice, and everything nice, these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect gospel sharing blog. 

But Jeremy Unitt accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction. CHEMICAL I over-analyze things...

Thus LIGHT 4 A STANDARD was born! And using it's ultra-super powers, it has dedicated its life to fighting misunderstanding and the forces of "I don't like Mormons"!

*cue in catchy theme song*

So there you have it. My blog, which in one side, is going to share my personal spiritual experiences as a member of the Church and take part of the hastening the work of salvation, while on the other, will time to time, post things relating on the attempts to dissuade misunderstanding about the church. 

I will also post my scripture study journal and personal insights. 

So come on over, share with friends, like the Facebook page to get some more stuff to share with friends, comment, and see if my new missionary efforts are helpful! Thanks for reading! 


- Jeremy Unitt

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