Thursday, January 23, 2014


As i thought about what i should write for my next blog post, i received the feeling that i should write about our individual talents.

All of us were created different, individually. Each of us has talents that we can use to contribute to the people on this beautiful earth, and to also to make the earth more better. Each of us can receive peace, joy and happiness in this life, i firmly believe that we can receive blessings on well we use our talents for good and for the benefit of others and ourselves. Each of us has talents such as being able to shoot a basketball well or art or drama (theater) or able to build stuff with our hands etc., but sometimes we may forget that talents can also include, being able to talk to people or making people feel better about themselves, or being able to talk to random people etc. All of us have the capability to use our talents. Some may say that im not capable of what i like to do im not that good at it i want to but i cant. There is a way all of us are not good at something we do right at first but it takes practice, patience and learning is a way that we can build up what we like to do and youll find out that you are stronger than you think.Imagine that, We can become what we think about the most. iimagine all the talents that you have that you do not even have right now, you can be great at so many things in life, imagine that, imagine how much fun and happier you can be. imagine the lives that you can change. We need to use our talents we can waste away what we are good at, this world is struggling right now, and they need our talents to help build it up and to strengthen cause we are as humans the ones responsible to make each other and ourselves the best we can be and to work as a team with our individual talents we need each other, thats one of the reasons why exist on this earth. If you are struggling in life right now know that you can find happiness by getting out there and share yourself with others. If you think you cant use your talents cause you think your not good enough or your not capable enough, quit lying to yourself and get out there, and do it,you can do it be of good courage. Im gonna utter what i said earlier we need each other use your talents for good, and youll be more joyful and happier and at peace in life than you know.

Michael Angulo (A.K.A. Gulo)

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