Friday, January 10, 2014

Health & Exericse

Health and exercise are a key essential in our everyday life, to be able to help us have a bigger and better day. A good healthy exercise should normally be between 30-60 min, a good walk or jog or both. do some weight lifting or some push ups and sit ups. The best time to exercise is in the morning a reason why, its cause it helps to be able to think more clearly, and have more energy and it relieves a whole of tention in the body that can cause anger, sadness or depression along with many negative emotions. Most of us will be kind of weak before we do an exercise a good thing to do is to have some fruit or some nuts or some veggies, always try to drink a glass of water along with the food you do it, doing so will give the body positive energy sufficient for your work out. It's always important to eat after your workout to cause your body will experience fatigue so try to add some good protein after your work out such as something like eggs, chicken, or turkey and eat along with again some good healthy snack such as i wrote above. Make sure to continue to drink water.Normally we should always try to drink 8 decent size glasses of water. Doing all this makes the brain and the body work more effectively throughout the day and doing this makes you feel a whole better also.Thanks for reading this. and have a good day.

Michael Angulo a.k.a Gulo

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