Thursday, June 5, 2014

#TBT: When I Went to Visit the Kansas City Temple

Lets go back a few years to a great weekend trip to Kansas City!

Can I please tell you how amazing my weekend has been?  You guys are gonna get an awesome three post day..cause I have three very important things to talk about!

First I had the amazing pleasure and honor to attend the open house of the Kansas City Missouri Temple.
For those of you who did not know, when our church builds a new temple, the building is open to the public for a few weeks before it is dedicated (then only worthy church members may enter).

I felt so blessed to be able to enter this beautiful building.  We went through at a time when (according to the tour guides) there were more people going on tours than there had been at any other time so far.  And yet it was still quiet and peaceful.  You would think a couple hundred people would make more noise...but nope!  The weather held off that was really nice.

I was not able to take pictures as it was not particularly appropriate in such a sacred and holy place.  But the church has released these wanna take a little tour with me???  (all pictures can be found on

See the tour.....

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