Monday, June 2, 2014

God's Plan for the Family

this is the visitors center trip we took last Tuesday. we took the Correa family from Puerto Rico, they are really firm in their religion. the other day she texted us after we had dropped her and wanted to know if there is a day that we can go to the visitors center. my companion and I were super excited thinking that perhaps she had a sincere desire to know if our message was true and to give it another try. We had a good time at the visitors center especially the "God's Plan for the Family" part, my compabnion ans I showed her with the computer on how Book of Mormon and the Bible work together,  but she wasn't super eager to learn about what the Book of Mormon had to say although her family was really nice about it and actually wanted to look up scriptures. WE also watched the Mormon messages about the Modern day prophets, but it wasn't something she seemed to not care about. It is sad to see that some people choose not to ask God and to learn and study for themselves before they immediately reject it, but we know and have faith that we planted a seed in her heart and that someday they will want to learn for themselves if this is true. 
On the other hand our investigator Rey Dominguez and his wife to us there, he is already helping us in missionary work and he is so great and sincere. He is getting baptized thiscoming Saturday, a year later him and his R.M wife will be getting sealed in the temple. Yaay I am so excited!!

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