Monday, June 23, 2014

Hello Beautiful!

Can you believe it's the almost the last week of June already?!?! AH! Time is flying so fast!!!! How are you holding up? 

This week was a good week it was long but I am slowly but surely improving (I think) on being more open with my companion. It's definitely getting better. I am learning so much about working together and relying on each other. I've come to realize that I love being independent and not having to rely on other people. I was fasting this week so that Heavenly Father would help me to know how I can help our companionship grow closer together and become more successful. I learnt alot during and after my fast. As I was reading through our Missionary handbook I desired to become a more Christlike companion I guess I never really looked at being a senior companion as a leader but as I reread the handbook and pondered upon it. I learnt this: 
"Successful missionary work and appropriate missionary conduct begin in the companionship under the leadership of the senior companion.The assignment to serve as a leader is a sacred trust from the Lord through the mission president, and both the president and the Lord will receive an accounting ofthis responsibility"
I realized that I had a responsibility to be a good example and influence on my companion. The Lord and President Weidman trust me to be her companion. I guess I never really considered being a senior companion being much of a leader. I'm glad I was led and guided to learn this. I then was reading an ensign article and came across an Article titled "Christlike Leadership" WOW! I was in awe at how well Heavenly Father knows me and is eager to help me. I love all that I am learning. One thing I loved was how the Savior allowed his disciples the opportunity to grow as they were learning. He never just did the work for them but he allowed them to learn for themselves. He was totally selfless. I want to be like that.

Last week we also fasted with our Investigator Thomas. He and his wife (who he's not married to yet) are having some problems and so we offered to fast with them. We really didn't know how else we could've helped them but I am so glad to know that this is the Lord's work and we don't have to figure it all out on our own. Thomas has such great desires to come closer to God and change and it just makes him so sad that Victoria (he's wife to be) is not quite on the same page yet. For Father's day their kids were drinking and he was so sad and angry too that his wife allowed them to do that! Oh please pray for them. After we fasted we were so amazed at how Thomas was dedicated to reading his Book of Mormon. We shared scriptures with and it just blew my mind to see how the spirit was able to help him apply the scriptures to his life. I love the Book of Mormon!!!! What a great Miracle. On Sunday we texted them and didn't really get a response. Then while we were sitting in church Thomas, and Victoria and their grand baby walked in.They came to church!!!! That was such a great Blessing!!! We didn't even need to ask them. I love the Spirit:)

We recently just had a training and President Weidman promised that if we applied all that we had just learnt we would be able to find more people to teach and reach our 20 conversations goal. We have been doing our best to apply that and last Saturday we went out of our apartment and in my heart I remembered Elder Ballard's talk that we as missionaries should go out with the Faith in our hearts that we will find people to teach and help them on their way back to their Heavenly Father. I loved that promise. That Day we worked really hard and I could so tell that the both of us were doing all we can to make sure we worthy of the Spirit's companionship. We found 4 new investigators that day. That was a Miracle and a blessing!!! We were both so grateful. 

Have a great one, Friends! 

I love you!!!
Sister Koroitamana

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