Monday, June 16, 2014

Half way there:)

Hi! How are you? How was your week? 

This week has been so long. It was okT his week was our Stake Conference and it was so great!!! did you know that they have 2 days of Stake Conference here? I just found out. Well this Stake Conference was special because they were releasing the old President and calling a new one. It was truly a memorable experience to see and learn how it was all done. We had 2 General Authorities from the Seventy join us (Elder Walker and Elder Ah Sam) it was a great experience. That morning on our way to Church we texted our investigators to let them know that we were on our way and shortly after we got there they arrived!!!! That was a big miracle for us because they hardly ever come early to church and what was even better they had actually dressed up! Oh it was so great to see them. Their names are Thomas and Victoria. We got to seat the 4th row from the Front and it was all so good to have them their. The spirit was truly felt in the hearts of all those present and right after the closing Prayer was Said Thomas stood up and went over to shake the General Authorities hands!!! Wow we got a shock and were so happy when Elder Walker came down to give  him a hug:) What a blessing!!!! Victoria was so happy!!! They are so excited to be baptized they just need to have Victoria divorced from her previous husband and get married to Thomas. They are truly amazing! Please pray for them. 

I am grateful to be serving here with all the Elders and Sisters here. I love learning from them all and I loved learning from District Meeting this past week. One thing that really stood out to me was How Can we allow the Holy Ghost to be the Teacher. I am grateful to be learning this lesson. We had a lesson right after District Meeting with Sheri and Raul our investigators and as we went in I prayed in my heart that the Lord would help us to allow the Holy Ghost to be the teacher. That lesson was truly one of the greatest lessons I've ever had. As I sincerely listened and just loved them and (really trying not to be thinking in my mind while they were talking) the things to say was truly given to us as we spoke and it was so simple. I was learning with them! After we had taught the Restoration Raul ( Sheri's fiance) expressed how he had been to a lot of other Christian Churches but he had never had anything explained to him like what we shared. He shared he had always felt like he was in a limbo having unanswered questions and not really getting answers from the church's he was going to. He expressed how the Restoration made sense. I loved that Experience!  I hope all of the lessons we go to will continue to be like that. I am grateful to know that the Lord is with us in this work. I know that the promise in this scripture is so true : D&C 84:85.

I love you Heaps!!!


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