Monday, June 9, 2014

Heya Love!

This whole week has been great! We met with Reynaldo (Ray) one of our newest investigators and he is such an amazing individual! he is 21 and has been through alot in his life. During that lesson we went with a member her name is Raelyn and she is so great!!! She's 16. In that lesson we learnt that Rey had gone to like we invited him to and he had written down everything he had learnt about Repentance. He was also sober and all cleaned up!!!!  That was a blessing because all the previous times we'd met with him he was always drunk! We invited Rey to be baptized and he accepted!!! We are so excited for him!!! He's going to have to make alot of changes in his life but it's truly been so amazing for me to see his willingness to change and come closer to Christ. Wow! what a blessing!

On Friday while we got a call from Victoria (one of our investigators whose family we're teaching) telling us that her husband and her daughter were in a car accident! He was tired and dozed off on the wheel! She had called to ask us to pray for them. Now Victoria when I first came into this area was not always as open. She at one time had straight up told us that she did not want to read the Book of Mormon.So for her to call us like that was such a big step! Wow! that was an amazing blessing for us. We asked her over the phone if she would like her Husband to get a priesthood blessing and she agreed, That evening we went over to see them. Thomas( her husband) looked so sad and so down! Neither of them had gotten hurt but he was worried he might lose his job because that was a company vehicle. Oh he looked so depressed. We went over and sang songs for him and then later the brethren came to give him and his daughter Aura who's 17 a blessing. The next day Thomas texted us and told us that he felt like God had let him down and he wasn't feeling to keen on meeting with us that night. We went over anyway with Raelyn (our member) and knocked on their door for a good 5 minutes but no one answered, We were so sad!  Then we said a prayer and decided to sing hymns at their door steps until some one opens up. We stood there for a good 10 minutes then finally Aura came to the door, She was so suprised! She was like how long have you been singing out here? hahaha we had a good laugh about it then finally went in. That evening we had an amazing lesson with Aura we taught her the Restoration and it was so great to have Raelyn there because she was able to share her testimony with Aura!!!! We invited Aura to be baptized and she has accepted a Baptismal Date for July 5th!!!! That was such a great blessing!!! I am so glad we stayed and sang at their we told Aura it was all only because we love her!!! hahahahaha ( I bet she must've been thinking we were a bunch of crazy girls!) She is so great! We invited her to say the closing Prayer and it was the sweetest prayer ever! we could all feel that she was really speaking from her heart, She was nervous at first but then she got the hang of it! We have been so greatly blessed by the Lord. The next Day Sunday! Thomas (Aura's Father) texted us and told us that Victoria's (his wife and Aura's Mother) car got hit 2 times while parked on the street right after we left!!!! He said he'd been drinking and didn't think they were going to come to church. My companion and I were so sad for this family and all that they've been going through! that Sunday Morning my heart was continuously drawn out in prayer for Thomas and his family. We didn't really how we can help them not feel discouraged. In my scripture study that morning as I was praying and pondering I came across this scripture in 1 Samuel 7 about the Israelites and how the Lord delivered them from their enemies because they had repented and diligently served God. I loved that scripture so much!!! especially because for the Israelites even as they fasting and praying and doing all they could within their control to serve God their enemies the Philistines kept coming closer and closer to battle and it wasn't until they were literally so close did the Lord hit them with Thunder right before their eyes. I learnt from that scripture that truly we need to hold out faithful to the end. Even when all else seems like its falling apart the Lord will always deliver us if we continue to be faithful! That morning before church we went to Thomas' house again and knocked. Victoria answered and guess what? She was allready getting ready for church!!! Oh my companion and I were so happy to hear that from her!!! We then asked if Aura was coming as well. She went to wake her up too!!! Then Thomas came to the living room. We sat and talked and he said he didn't feel like going to church and he was just feeling so down. We prayed with him and shared that scripture with him and he was like Wow! is that story really true? We bore our testimonies to him and immediately he told us "Ok I'm going to church"  I was filled with so much peace and just so incredibly Happy and Grateful!!! One that Heavenly Father has blessed us with this amazing Family and two that he answered our prayers and helped us to find share what Thomas needed to hear. That whole experience is one I will never forget! What a Blessing and a huge miracle for us!  

Then last night we were also able to go with the Tuiaana Family ( they are a less active family that are definitely becoming active again) They are so special to us! They have a son Anthony who's not really sure whether to serve a mission or not. He brought his friend Andy and another returning Less Active and we all went together.The Fireside was just amazing and in one of the Talks one of the Elders said that he felt to speak to the Youths present who debating whether to serve a Mission or not. He encouraged them to make that decision to go. We were so glad and grateful that we went with the Tuiaana Family. 

We received our transfer calls last night and My companion and I are both staying!!! We are truly so happy!!!! 

I Love Love Love You!!!!


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