Tuesday, June 10, 2014


This post is dedicated to all those on the island of misfit toys...

I hesitate to share a post that is so incredibly personal, but I do in hopes that it gives peace and comfort to some, and motivation to others.....
So this will be a two part series......stay tuned for tomorrow.

When this song first came out, I thought it was cheesy and silly.

But then my life got to a place where it suddenly took on a great deal of meaning.

I don't want this to be a whiny sad, woe-is-me post.

This post is not about me.  Or at least not just about me
Its about anyone who has ever felt left out.
Anyone who has ever felt worthless and not good enough.
Anyone who has ever felt invisible.

I truly believe there is strength in numbers.
There is comfort that comes with shared experience.
You are not the only one.

More on over on my blog....

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