Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy 4th of July Week!!!

Heya Love! 

How was your week? How's your family? How are YOU!?

This week I have been doing a lot of reflecting. One night we went to try and visit some investigators and when we got there we sang for them and in return their Son Eli started playing the guitar and singing for us. Oh Man he sang Bob Marley's "Is this Love?" song and it was so good!!!! Oh I was so amazed at his talent but at the same time I caught myself not being as worried about the fact that we weren't suppose to be listening to worldly music like that. Oh it was sooo hard. I was really surprised at how hard that was for me. Even after we got home I kept thinking about it and how easy it was for me to get carried away with that song and completely lose focus on why I'm here.That was such a scary experience for me. Even though I was praying so hard to not think about that song it seemed like nothing was helping and it was hard because part of me wanted to entertain that song in my mind. I shared this with my companion and she kind of helped. During this whole experience I realized one thing. I realized my need for a continual spiritual nourishment to help me have the strength to continue on and not give in. I thought about a less active family we are trying to help get to the Temple. Their Dad Brother Tuiaana really wants his family to be there and so he's been trying to quit smoking and prepare to enter the Temple. He's been doing so good cutting down; but he mentioned how weak he feels when he's not smoking because his body still wants it.This experience helped me to realize how hard it was for him to not give in. I fasted to be able to overcome this weakness and something I've learnt is really to pray always. I realized that I couldn't do it on my own and I needed my Savior. I know that he lives and his love is real. I have come to rely on him so much. I've come to learn that  I really just gotta give my all to him and trust him and follow him. I definitely want to share this with Brother Tuiaana and his family.

Besides all of that news this week has been great. We found a couple of new investigators this week. Some of them live in a half way house (a house where the state helps to pay for people recovering from addictions to live in) we are teaching a lady named Debra who lives there and on Saturday we went by to teach her and found out that she had gone to the ER the night before and no ones' heard from her. We spoke with one of the room mates who helps run the place his name is Robert. While talking with Robert we learnt that he too was a recovering addict and is trying to change his life and find peace. We shared about the Atonement with him and he was willing to learn more and have us come back to teach him!!! (that was Miracle #1) We invited him to church and organized a member ride for him. The next day we went by to see if he was still up for church  but we came by and he wasn't home. His Roomies told us he had gone down the alley. We decided to go see and while walking back we met him with a friend walking back home ( Miracle #2) Robert said something else came up so he couldn't come so we decided to ask his friend if he wanted to come? His Friend Sammy said he was looking for some peace in his life so he said yes he'd come!!!! ( Miracle#3) Our member came to pick Sammy up and when we got to church we learnt that Sammy had brought another Roommate with him- Nicky!!! (Miracle#4) They stayed for all of church and loved it!!! This week has been filled with so many great miracles. I know that Heavenly Father truly has hastened his work!

Lots of Love!!!


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