Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Impressive Love of My Valentine

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    Valentine's Day was great. My Valentine was chosen months ago for the first time ever, and she knew it. I didn't have to ask. Will you be my Valentine? I was planning to go to Oregon to visit Jessica, but we decided that it was a waste of money to fly there for only slightly over one day. I don't like the idea of flying on Sunday either. The pilots and flight attendants should rest on the Sabbath. Jessica is so loving, and it was expressed wonderfully by her, creating a Valentine. She started working on it about a week and a half before the special day, and she worked on it so diligently even until the very last minute. She probably worked on it for more than forty hours. She called it her project. That effort makes my Valentine's Day glorious because of her pure display of love; although, it will arrive next week. My package was a gift. At first I only purchased a present from Etsy called a 'smitten', we need one of these badly in the fall semester because we have a habit of holding hands wherever we walk even though our hands are freezing. Smittens have a mitten fit for two hands. I also heard that Fifa started drooping on Valentine's Day morning. My heart sunk when Jessica said that she had something bad to tell me, but it was the flower, dying. Flowers are replaceable, so I had an Antonium send to her. She was surprised how I could have flowers delivered in the same day. I just called a local florist, having them deliver it. It's too bad that Fifa is going to die from a disease that we had control over. The pot that she was planted in astonished me, for it was glued to a plate, and only a few pin holes were given for ventilation of water and air. I told her that the ventilation might not be enough, but I let her learn for herself because Jessica was confident that it was fine. We Skyped late last night because her family went out to dinner, and she waited to open her gift to do so in front of me. I ran out of service for making a WiFi hot-spot with my phone last month, so this is the first time in a few weeks that we Skyped.

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