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January 25, 2015

     The evening after I got the word that I was not chosen for the internship position with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I informed Aaron Hicken, the General Manager of Delta Stone Products and my father's cousin, that I will be staying here in Heber. It took me a while to get to word to come in for work, but I finally did on Friday. Eve and Ezra have finally come to play. I think that my grandparents were waiting until they knew that I was staying before letting them come. Thursday was a big day for me. Today is now Friday, the thirtieth of January. I just finished my first week of work. I have not actually started my internship yet. Work is just like what I did in the summer. I like production work because it lets me think a lot. Things that I thought of this past week were starting my career now, a weekly exciting schedule for the Mormon YSA Blog Spot Writer's Support Group, and an invention. Jessica and I have been reading the Book of Jer3miah: Premonition, but it has been disappointing. We are currently looking for another book to read. I have consulted John Reed, an old friend, and he offered many great suggestions. I was placed in a new station at Delta Stone Products because a coworker speaks English. I couldn't understand him today, when he explained our new product. It inspires me to write about one concept that I introduced in the last journal entry. That is assumption and communication. I have a lot of inspiring thoughts, but I am not always inspired. I am full of errors like everyone else.
     Aaron said that he was going to call me a couple days in a row, but he has been too busy that he never got back to me. On Thursday the twenty second, I decided to go on a run to visit Delta Stone Products and a local architect. I also tried to visit some friends around town, but they were all not available. The architect was not out of town, and I was surprised that Aaron Hicken was in his office when I visited. He is rarely there. Aaron said that he has been installing new equipment, which should have been working a month ago, forcing him to work sixteen to seventeen hours a day. We caught up a little bit, and he said that he was going to call me that night at 10. When he was not calling again, I texted his number. We arranged that I call him the next day after two in the afternoon, and I had to call him three times to get to him. He basically told me to come to work on Monday, and we will start figuring out learning opportunities for my internship after the first week because the equipment's installation will be finished.
     I worked at Delta Stone Products last Summer, but I was placed in a different station for the first week. We took raw stone and cut it down to a shape in which the veneer would be sawed off.
     The work has been going very smoothly; although, the machines break a lot. A hydraulic tube exploded. The teeth of the pressure stone cutting machine break all the time, and the thing connecting the motor to the conveyor belt broke yesterday. The machine was probably down for at least two hours this week. I saw my coworker write that the hydraulic tube broke three times in the  past three weeks. It is pretty chill. I was out in that station because that coworker speaks English, but since he goes home during lunch, we don't chat much; plus, it is too loud to talk during work.
     I would like to talk about a communication principle that I have introduced in the last journal entry. It is assumption and communication. We were palletizing a new product in a complex way. He assumed that I understood his explanation, but I didn't understand what he said. It came to a point that he realized that he needed to clarify what the operation is. I felt like I was having a conversation like Nephi with the Holy Ghost because he asked me if I know what is going on, and I said that I knew that it had to do with a combination of rocks. I can't recall the conversation, but it reminded me of Nephi's vision. He said that I needed to work faster, and I looked like I didn't want to work. I just didn't know what is going on. He made a lot of assumptions, and communication would solve many problems. One main concept about assumption and communication that I thought of currently is assuming agreement. This can be seen in relationships. I have heard people say at school that if a couple has been dating and they kiss. They assume that they are dating, but I can see how that can get people in trouble. I never heard of a DTR conversation (Determine The Relationship) before I went to BYUI, but I felt communicating whether the friendship is a steady dating relationship is important before I went to my university. Another way that couples can assume agreement is when one party says something, but the other individual doesn't feel that the individual can express their disagreement and view like my work situation. My parent's situation is like this. I have learned that this communication skills is important to relationship because of them. It is annoying to date girls that don't put their input, and they want you to basically run the show. My mother feels free to express her ideas, but my father doesn't always agree, not feeling comfortable enough to express himself. She does things assuming their agreement. My immediate family is not very conscious nor united because both my father and brother feel stuck. My mother can make things very miserable because the parental communication lacks proper humility. I always check my relationship with Jessica for agreement, and I am so grateful for the humble communication that we have.
     I have a lot of time to think at work. This is one reason that I like production work. I thought of how I can start my career. I want to design completely self sufficient buildings that produce and retain water and electricity. There are a lot of places hurting for water. If I design a fruitful product that can do these things, I can save many people's lives, raising the living standards greatly. I was thinking of making places of refuge for troubled nations making off grid cities and restoring wasteland.
     I also thought of a fun routine, seeking the success of the Mormon YSA Blog Spot Writer's Support Group. This is how it goes: Follow Up Monday, Question Tuesday, Recent Post Wednesday, Introduce Yourself Thursday, and Feedback Friday. I like how I thought of clever rhymes. The group has been active.
     Jessica and I have been reading Book of Jer3miah: Premonition. It is a conspiracy novel published by the Deseret Book Company. Jessica and I put our opinions together, thinking that it is unnecessary intense. The background characters are idiots. The situations are unrealistic. Finally, the story progresses to slow. I am a straight forward person. This book is not successful because it is not designed to be successful. In the last chapter that I read Jeremiah's bishop coincidentally was sitting next to Jeremiah at the airport after a funeral on his way home. The bishop coincidentally served with Jeremiah's father on a mission, and his wife gave the bishop clothing and food by chance that he runs into Jeremiah in the airport. Luggage is costly at an airport. People don't just walk around with extra stuff by the chance that they may run into someone in the airport. I am a blunt person sometimes. If you want my opinion, I will give it to you, holding back nothing. I am not going to act as though everything is great. There is always room for improvement.
    When Jessica and I decided to look for another book to read, I knew the right person to ask. His name is John Reed. I remembered that he was reading the Dune series in high school. Jessica and I were looking for a science fiction book, so this is what I have for you.
     "Hi John Reed, Didn't you read the Dune series? How good is the story and science fiction?"
     "The story is very good it lightly touched on science it is More about human nature"
     "Oh. Do you know any good science fiction books with a good story too?"
     "Dune is only read yearly list"
     "What do you mean?"
     "I read it once a year minimum. Starship troopers"
     "Do you have other books that you read yearly?"
     "Die the fire by am sterling and his emberverce series"
     "Hmm I will check them out. How have you been? ... Isn't Dune post-apocalyptic too?"
     "And Empire and hidden empire by Orson Scot card. Dune is future."
    "Do you know any science fiction that blows the readers mind?"
     "Atlas shrugged by Ayn Rand"
     "How bad does the romance get? Have you read it?"
     "So first of it band in all communist country's. It is on the heavy side moderate.
     "Does it describe sex scenes and suggestive themes?"
     "I would recommend it to a high school senior. But it does describe them but not graphically."
     "How often and long are these scenes?"
     "Twice and not very long. But the book helped shape American mind set"
     "Hmmm. That one is tempting. Do you know any other good science fiction books like Atlas Shrugged? I am going to read it with my girlfriend, and I would like other options. I would rather not deal with sex scenes."
     "Stranger in a strange land"
     "This one sounds good. Thanks."
     Eve and Ezra visit often mainly on the weekends. We sometimes have a hard time thinking of things to do because it is cold outside, but we have fun. We were wrestling last night. Eve and I are thinking of producing another video. We are thinking of making short film about what may have happened after the Monsters Inc discovery that harvesting the energy for children's laughter is a lot more productive than their fear and screaming. I talk to Jessica every morning and night, and she enjoyed hearing the rough housing and fun that we were having.
     Eve and I were able to have a good discussion about modesty after she visited with a new outfit and boots. The conversation was good. She asked me to clarify the words that I were saying like self-esteem and chastity. I told her that how you respect your body with what you wear tells people about you, and you will attract people into your life that may be a blessing or a curse. The way that you treat yourself will indicate how people will and can treat you. If you treat yourself well, the people around you will most likely treat you much greater. If you treat yourself badly, the people around you will most likely treat you much worse. For, you will receive the love that you think that you deserve, but it must first be reflected in the individual's behavior. You do not want to attract bad situations and people into your life. The way that you show yourself to the world is a display of your self-esteem; confidence, respect, and love in yourself; and integrity. People can tell, without getting to know you, the behaviors that you will most likely have. It is a reflection of your character. It tells people that you either worship God or the world. If you are weak to the ways of the world, you will most likely fall into it. If you are strong in the ways of God, you will most likely come as close to him as possible. I will post a picture of her outfit, for I took it for Eve to hear the opinion of others. This outfit says that she is weak to the ways of the world. Many people would say that it is cute, but the shirt without the undershirt is inappropriate. I would say. If you do not feel comfortable with wearing the shirt without an undershirt, you should not consider wearing it. This depicts a weakness to the world. Girls should not be dressed up with sexy outfits with undershirts, saying that the clothing makes them 'cute'. They do not need to externalize their beauty to how they look. Their beauty should not depend on their clothing, skin, hair, face, make up or anything external, but these external things should magnify their self-esteem; confidence, respect, and love in yourself; and integrity. These outfits are simple; not gaudy too tight or loose. I particularly don't like fabrics that are too soft. If you dress you girls up in sexy outfits but say that it is cute, it shows the girl how to sexy. Girls should not have to feel sexy to feel happy and accepted. If I seek to date sexy girls, there is a vanity in it. I didn't want to say that sexy people are vain, but it is what their external display tells me. Their personalities are weak in some kind of confidence. I told my grandma and my mother about my conversation with Eve, and they both said that her outfits are immodest. Her immediate response was shocked, when I told Eve their opinions which I agreed with, saying that she may not come visit me again, not feeling accepted by anyone in the house, but after a while she understood our love for her.

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