Monday, February 9, 2015

'Hi Beautiful' by Sister Koroitamana

Hi! How are you? How was your week?

This week we've been trying to help our Investigator Everson from Brazil to prepare for Baptism. He has a baptismal Date for this coming Saturday but he just doesn't feel ready yet. We spoke with our leaders and we felt good about having meet with President White (He is one of Presidents in our Mission who helps people resolve their concerns before being Baptized) it was a great meeting but Everson still wasn't really willing to progress:( I just felt sooo sad through out that lesson. I've been praying for him and trying to discern really what it is that Heavenly Father wants us to do to help him but he still struggles with believing that the Book of Mormon is true. He believes that part of it is true but not all of it. During that lesson with President I just felt like a Mom trying to help her child but not really knowing how. I don't know how we can help Everson but I do know that I really love him and desire his salvation. Please pray for him. How I am realizing so much now that God really is anxious to talk to us. I am learning so much about the importance of those small and simple things like reading and praying daily and how much of a blessing they can be in our lives. 

This week we had a great weekend. Our Recent Convert Eddie received the Priesthood and he has just changed and just looks and feels so much more happier now since he's been baptized. I am really proud of him and I know and can feel that Heavenly Father is as well. He was a little iffy about Baptism for a couple of months but now that he's taken that step he just looks so much happier and Brighter. The Gospel really does something to us. One Tender Mercy this week that I really wanted to share was that while we were in Downtown LA trying to talk with Everyone we met a man named David as we talked with him he mentioned that he just got out prison last September after being there for the last 20 years! He was in there since 1994! Wow! Sister Peterson and I were really just in awe and sooo happy for him. He was soooo happy to be alive and out and to be free. Wow! we introduced ourselves and straight away asked where the church was. We told him about it and told him about the Book of Mormon. He said that he would like to read one. He promised that he would read if he could get one. (Normally we didn't really carry extra copies of Books of Mormon with us besides the one that we normally use but that day as we were about to leave our car I felt the Holy Ghost tell me to pack an extra one just in case) I was sooo glad I did because we weren't close to the car and David was sooo grateful to have it. We called him the day after and he committed to read it. We also met another cute couple in their 70's while in Downtown! There names were Aaron and Sharon.As we spoke with them and introduced ourselves they immediately recognized us as "Mormon Missionaries" then they said that they'd been telling themselves and thinking that they should become a Mormon and convert. They have had such a great experience with Members in their lives and they really just want that :) Sister Peterson and I were just all smiles as we listened to them express their love for the Mormons in their lives that they knew. They are going to start meeting with Missionaries in their area. 

Also this week we had a mini Missionary with us:) It was sooo Fun! Her name was Sister Dawn Frost she's Samoan and soo cute! She loved being with us and is currently waiting to finish her papers and receive her call. Reminds me of me when I went on my Mini Mission.

I Love you!!!

Sister Koroitamana

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