Friday, February 27, 2015

My Review of "Runaround" and "Reason," Short Stories, Preparing For Isaac Asimov's Robot and Foundation Science Fiction Series

This blog post is a segment of the journal entry of Alex Hicken found at the following

Follow up Monday: I told you that I was going to tell you about "Runaround," a short story that leads into the science fiction series of Foundation and Robot by Isaac Asimov. It explains the three founding rules of the artificial intelligence of robots in a story, showing the limits of their intelligence. The story is very interesting, but it is obviously set up to explain these three rules and the usefulness of them. An interesting story is not always amazing.

     Jessica and I also read "Reason," the next short story of the Robot Series. I think that the fundamentals of reason in the robot is a reflection of the author's opinion of religion. The perspective of the robot is interesting. Jessica and I realized that part of the story is flawed because the other robots should not have the same reasoning skills as Cutie. I think that the author was just excited about a new development in his robotics idea because he eluded to basically what Cutie achieved at the end of the story. I think that literature is a reflection of the author's perspective, and I think that it is interesting to learn about the author from their compositions.

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