Sunday, February 15, 2015

My Contribution to Building the Provo City Center Temple

 This article is a segment of the journal blog of Alexander Hicken from 

     The work in the small shop of Delta Stone Products is hard, but it is more chill than the previous station that I worked at. I like the small shop because it is where custom pieces are prepared for the customer. Since I sat in the Provo City Center Temple seminar a couple weeks ago, I thought that it was complete, but I was wrong with to assume that. Aaron Hicken said that they will be producing product for the temple until the fall comes. I was able to sand pieces of the stone which is going to be placed in the construction of the temple. I identified where the stone for the temple is placed, and I looked at them, thinking that God must have prepared the stone and the company to provide it for his house. One artisan was having a hard time sanding a product for the temple because there was not enough water on the stone, so I took the hose and followed his lead. He greatly appreciated my help.

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