Sunday, February 15, 2015

How I Cooked Thai Curry with my Mother's Advice

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   On Wednesday, I cooked curry for the first time. I think that curry is intimidating to make because the paste looks toxic. I have been cooking for my grandparents for the past couple Wednesdays. Since they have a can of curry paste, I decided to cook curry. My mother probably gave it to my grandparents about ten years ago because it was expired almost for eight years, but it looked and smelt fine. I asked my father about it, and he said that if it was not bulging that it should be fine.
The can had a simple recipe on it, which made shopping easy. It just called for two cups of coconut milk, 300 grams of potatoes and onion, and 600 grams of chicken. I chose to purchase some red potatoes and purple onions because the curry seemed to have yellow color, and purple and yellow are opposite colors, which will make it look nice. The directions to cook it were just to boil until the chicken was cooked. I called my mother as I walked to the store, but she was not available. She called me as I cooked through, which was good, because she gave me some tips on making it taste good. She said to put about 5/6th of a cup or half of the can of the coconut milk instead of half a cup, the recipe recommendation. The broth is too thick otherwise in my mother's highly respected opinion. I just put everything in the pot, letting it boil. Tasting the broth, I thought that it was a little bland, so I added a little sugar and salt until the broth's taste became what I desired. This was according to my mother's advisement to. It turned out well. The only thing that I forgot to double check was the potatoes, but they were fine. One thing that made me happy when I cooked for grandma and grandpa is that grandma said that she should invite her friends over for a nice dinner, so I can cook for them.

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