Friday, February 27, 2015

Praying for a Missionary Opportunity

This blog post is a segment of the journal entry of Alex Hicken found at the following

On Wednesday night, I prayed for a missionary opportunity, and the next day my work situation changed. 
A coworker of mine is named Carlos, and he has been told to take the position of another coworker, who I usually work with, since he did not show up on Thursday and Friday. We got along well. His English was mediocre, so we were able to develop a closer friendship easily especially since he loves to talk. On Friday he asked me what church that I attend, and I said the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; then, he replied that he began to read the Book of Mormon last Monday. I listened to him talk, and he seemed to be a solid person. I can't judge his personality, but he has great integrity, respecting himself and the law of chastity. I got his phone number Friday afternoon, hoping that he could come to a game night that night. I had not been invited to it yet, but I was invited to last week's. He said that he was coming to the game night, but he never came. Missionary opportunities scare me because they rarely turn out well. I have had a couple, and I feel responsibility for their souls, since I am their link to the church. I invited him to church, and he did not reply to my message. This is how quickly God will answer prayers of your willingness to serve in his work to save souls, for I prayed for a missionary opportunity on Wednesday night, and Carlos was led to me the next day. I hope that I follow through well tomorrow.
     I am adding more content, since today is the 27th of February, a Friday. Weird things happen when you are working with a good investigator friend. Carlos' phone was not working well that first week when I invited him to church, and he couldn't reply to my messages. On Monday we went to pick him up for FHE, but he was at a bar. It turned out that a friend called him up, asking for him to counsel with him because life was hard on him with his ex wife and daughter. On Thursday night, we were planning to go to Institute, but the class was cancelled because the teacher couldn't make it. We are hoping to go to church on Sunday.

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