Friday, February 27, 2015

Making Jamaican Rice and Peas for my Grandparents

This blog post is a segment of the journal entry of Alex Hicken found at the following

     I also made Jamaican rice and peas on Wednesday for my grandparents, but making that is not as special as curry.

This is the recipe that I followed. I recommend cooking the beans for an hour; maybe more, you can taste it yourself after soaking it over night; then, add the rice in the pot to cook. The beans when I cooked it was a little crunchy.
The scallion, Scotch bonnet, garlic, and thyme are not meant to be in the food when you serve it; therefore, take them out before serving it. Put the entire scallion, garlic clove, thyme, and Scotch bonnet in the pot when it is cooking. Scotch bonnet is a Jamaican pepper. I usually replace it with a habanero. Don't dice anything.

 x peas 1 cup first!       serves 3-4
x garlic a clove or two when boiling the peas
x rice two cups
x coconut milk three cups
x salt pepper   table spoon
x pimento seeds
x scallion a couple whole strains
x butter       table spoon
x thyme  a sprig is a few inches long. Use two
x Scotch bonnet

thyme  a sprig is a few inches long. Use two
Scotch bonnet
pimento seeds

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