Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hello everyone!

Hello everyone!
this week has been good. We finally got to meet a few members at the chapel this sunday, after conference. We have been finding more and more less actives to work with, there is so many!!! we need to help them. and we are excited but athte same time we feel overwhelemed. we have a huge area to cover and looking for new investigators should be a priority but we feel that reactivaiton is more important, so that we wont be a burden to the branch in adding new members."When converts are baptized and confirmed, they make sacred promises to obey and serve God and others for the rest of their lives. They become candidates for salvation in the celestial kingdom. To receive the promised blessings, they must endure to the end with faith in Jesus Christ. Church members are essential in helping new converts remain active and faithful.
President Gordon B. Hinckley said: “There is absolutely no point in doing missionary work unless we hold on to the fruits of that effort. The two must be inseparable. … Every convert is a great and serious responsibility”  I know that there was once a missionary that cared dearly about these people who accepted the gospel,and worked really ard to get them get to that step and they have pleaded with the Lord that they will never fall away, and they still do. I know that as i care about these people, that i will be an answer to another missionaries prayers and that the ones i have helped make it to the waters of baptism will be taken care of.
My companion is awesome, can't complain, We are really looking forward to the Easter Pageant!!
WE enjoyed conference, although i have to admit the last one was my favorite. I did really love Elder Bednars talk, and President Monsons, about love. I learned t hat i need to rely more on my saviors help to progress. Okay cool expirience, we met a returened missionary sister and she is so cool! She invited her friend to join her for conference, she even took her to seee the dedication of the Gilbert temple, and she felt the spirit so strong there! more in hte instruciton room, she said she cried.she loved the conferencea and her friend was telling her all about the Book of Mormon and her friend ( the investigator) made a pact with her that if she read the book of mormon in spanish she will read it in Japanese. I though it was a great idea. Too bad hat she is english so we cant teach her. :( But she is so ready and so humble i am so excited for her bright future in the gospel.
Hmm, what else happened this week.,m well it is going by sort of slow, besided we do study for four hours then have an hour for lunch and so we are in the house for five. Its ok though.
i love oyu alll and i hope i maybe see some of you at hte Easter pagent!!

Hermana Salas

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