Friday, April 25, 2014

Great thing to share the gospel is through your good example.

Family Day is approaching. The annual celebration in our company. I'm planning not to join because my family is too far from me anyway but they said that it is mandatory as long as it will not affect the scheduled time. So, I did. I registered. Everyone is excited except for me! (haha! lols. the total party pooper girl). As usual there will be a dance competition and everyone is invited to join. Our account has less participants then one of my supervisor saw me and said that I must join them since I am a dancerous girl (I dunno if this word is in the dictionary but I know it's in the Urban Dictionary though.). That's what my supervisor called me. I declined to the invitation because I know how to dance however I'm really good at it. The next day my other supervisor invited me again to join in the dance club and again I declined! It was I think past 4:00 PM, my supervisor asked me the favor to join in the dance club since they really need participants in the dance competition. She talked to my co-dancers and told them that there should be no sexual movements involved in the dance so to make me dance with them. I agreed to dance. One reason that I really don't want to dance with them is because of the world's steps. Until now, I still wonder what makes my supervisor say that. I don't know what I did that makes her personally talked to my co-dancers and told them to make a little modest with the dance. I know that it's not easy for other people to adjust for us because they are the majority. I really don't if that was because the way I talk, mingle or the clothes I wear but one thing that I know is that I live what I believe is true and good for me. I can share to other people the gospel of Christ that shows disciplined and commitment to stand out in our people. I was amazed because the Family Day's theme is featuring the 90's dances and our dance steps were simple and it was great modest steps. Truly, it concluded that as long as we live what we truly believe we will be blessed and the world will adjust to us. It feels great though. I know that if we continue to be brave enough not to be in the world and follow our standards we will be blessed. 

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