Wednesday, April 23, 2014

B Strong this is only for U

  • I know that one-day
    Your joy will fade away
    So I hope and pray
    That U do not
    Replace it
    With hate
    For you know there
    Is nothing in this
    World that I would
    Not do for U
    So be
    Strong when
    Your joy fades
    So I am writing
    This silly
    Rhyme for U
    But always
    Remember to be
    Strong for I love U
    So much
    There is it enough
    Money to keep me
    So this
    Silly rhyme is
    For U
    To be strong
    For I love U so Much

    Have to be strong
    When your joy fades
    Away so I pray
    U never replace
    With hate
    For this world
    Has much more
    Then hate
    Awaiting for U

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