Monday, April 28, 2014

Good Week

so i have been learning a lot, just how to have more charity, its hard. 
ever since me and my companion have been working on this by  talking more openly and adressing concerns promptly and just serving eachother more has helped us love one another more, we have already felt the difference in our unity when we teach, and feel more peace we. We have seen some tiny miracles too.
WE were coming home from dinner last night and we were thinking to come home and finish out studies, but for some reason i thought it was important to go see this one person before we went home, he wasnt there, but his mother in law was. We asked her when he will be back and if there is anything we can do for her, she said she was ok but we were welcome to come in. We entered with the purpose on starting with "How to Begin Teaching." She opened up a lot and shared all her life story with us, heartaches and current deaths in the family,  and expressed how it made her feel, she feels vengance and hate, sorrow, sadness in her heart and vengance for the people that have wronged her. My companion and i were just listening to her. After we just knew what to say, we testified of the Saviors love for her, and because of him she has the ability to be healed and to replace those feelings of hate and anger with peace and happiness, even in the midsts of her difficulties. My companion did such a great job with her spanish and listending to the Holy Ghost to know what to sayso she can to comfort her. Since this women got her sons name tattoed on her arm, desiring to have his memory always with her untill she died. Hence,  we testified of the plan that God has for the family, and how we can be together forever, these circumstances have given her the humility she neede in order to accept the Gospel. My companion and i were on the same page and that was thanks to the Spirit, we felt it and we know our investigator felt it. This reaffirms and strengthens my testimony of why speaking with kindness and serving one another and praying for one another really invites the spirit of God into the lives of individualls and makes our homes stronger, because we center it on Christ. I love it.
Well allthough we have  huge area, we have decided to ride bikes during the day instead of driving all of the time. Thanks to that we have been meeting tons more people willing to hear our message! I am really excited for teaching all these new people!!!!
well i neeed to do better at writing bullet points on what to write ya'll because i forget sorry!
love oyu all

Hermana Salas

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