Monday, April 21, 2014

Hello Beautiful!!!

Happy Easter!!! 

How are you? 

How was your weekend? 

This week has been long. We had a lot of things to do this week. On Tuesday we got to attend the Temple! Oh how I've been so looking forward to it. I felt like I needed to just go in and be there. It felt so good. I learnt so much about the importance of the covenants we make and also the power that comes from keeping them.Wow! honestly I never really fully understood all the covenants ( promises) I was making when I went in the first time. I am so glad we get to go again and continue to learn more. One thing that really stood out to me as I went this time was how binding our covenants are and how much power the Lord blesses us with as we strive to Faithfully keep them. I've always read that Covenant Keeping brings power but now I feel like I understand it a little better. I also learnt how our covenants protect us. I was really struck by how much Satan will try to lure us to not take our covenants seriously because he knows how significant they are. I am grateful for the Temple and the opportunity we have to live so close to it. I also just realized the responsibility that comes from having all this knowledge wow! it is a lot of work. My companion Sister Oakes is super good in living the Law of Consecration she shares almost everything with 

Last night we went to visit the Yakylvich Family, they are a part member family in our ward. They live  in mobile home and I have just come to love them so much! their lifestyle reminds me of life at home in Fiji  where there are a lot of yelling here and there and family always around within so little space but still everyone got along at the end of the day. Well Last night Sister Oakes felt prompted to go visit them so we did and when we got there only their son AJ was home. AJ is alot like how Harry my brother was. Just misunderstood always getting into trouble and always being yelled at. Last night when we visited him we learnt that he had gotten in trouble at church for something really bad and that he was feeling so down and so alone? I don't really know I just felt like he had so much negative feelings inside of him and I wasn't really sure how to help him. ( He's 15) Before visiting him Sister Oakes and I had prayed that we might know exactly what to do and say as directed by the spirit to help them in the way that they need. I was reminded of this prayer as we met with AJ and we felt that we should pray with him. We did and Sister Oakes offered a beautiful prayer and in my heart I just felt so much love for AJ I knew that that Heavenly Father loved him and knew him and had a perfect plan for him and he knew exactly what he was feeling and all that was going on in his heart. As we ended the prayer both my companion and I were fillied with Tears as we shared our Testimonies with him. We felt so much love for him and I know that he felt it too! Oh  that was such an amazing wonderful experience for me to again feel of Heavenly Father's love for his child so strong! I know that AJ will be ok he's gone through alot of things and I just know that Heavenly Father will bless him if he continues to hold on. AJ's father is not a member but he totally supports his wife and children. I really want to help them and help them come closer to their Heavenly Father and become an Eternal Family.
I love you Muchos!!!

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