Monday, April 21, 2014


by Isidro Zapata

Lord plz
let me know
What is on your mind?
For I will not make it
Through these darkest
Days you need to show me
How to get closer to U
So please Lord let me
Know what is on your,
Mind I need to know
So I can never be
Teach me
Lead me
Show me how to
Get closer to you
For I am so tried
And I am running
Out of time
So let me speak
My mind
Lord I need a
Little more time
To do what
Want me to do
Instead of wasting
All of
my time
Trying to write
A rhyme
So you need to
Tell me what
To do to get closer
To U
I can no
Longer afford
To waste any more of my time so
Give me a verse
To know the light from the dark
to become closer to you

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