Monday, September 15, 2014

September 14, 2014

     I had a good first weekend at BYU Idaho. I had plans every night of the week: Family Home Evening on Monday, a Game Night on Tuesday, Institute on Wednesday, a run with a friend on Thursday, Go back to school in Rexburg, (BYU) Idaho on Friday, and Hike Table Rock on Saturday.
     Family Home Evening was okay. We were going to play Water Softball. I never heard of an FHE that was so creative, but it was canceled due to rain. The default activity was of course Volleyball, which I don't think is good for socializing. People are divided, and you can't get to know people because there is a ball flying all over the place. I was able to get to know a girl personally. I went out for dinner with Kesha Richardson. Kesha was taught art by her grandfather. I told her that I took pictures of the Bear Mountain Veneer that morning. I showed her the pictures that I took, and she said that they don't look like acrylic paintings. I was mistaken. I described to her the painting style, which I thought that the stone looked like, and she said that it looked like Oil painting. The machine operator did not like that I was taking pictures of all the veneer that I was impressed by, and I did not like that Kesha did not really appreciate the pictures that I took. She said that they looked gray. I did not take a picture of one gray stone. The stone color did not have the same variety as the first time that I saw the stone, but I got some good pictures. I show fix them up now. A lot were mainly blue and orange, which is cool, because those colors are opposites. It does not seem that the filters on my photo editing apps fix the pictures. I was disappointed because the camera changed the orange to a yellow. I don’t think that I can do anything to fix the colors. I will upload all of them. I hope that you like it.
The young single adult ward in Heber seems very divided. Not many people know each other, so I organized a game night because a sister that I met was new to the ward and did not know many people. The girl was named Rachel Saxton. I thought that she would get along well with Hannah Johansson and Kesha, since they are about the same age, but Hannah did not show up, and Kesha almost didn't. If Kesha had not come, my hope would not have been accomplished. I wanted Kesha to get to know Rachel more. We played Munchkin, the card game; and Mexican Train, the dominoes game. Jeremy won all three games that we played, so he was the game master. Munchkin is a game similar to Dungeons and Dragons, where you grow levels, but there is no official story. Jesse asked me if it was a board game. I have never seen Dungeons and Dragons played, so I didn't know that it had a board. Munchkin did not have a board. The directions were not well written, so it took up forever to get into it. I was pondering writing more simple directions to bless my posterity, a joke from Jesse. I might as well.
     Here are simple Munchkin directions. There to two different type of cards; the quest and treasure. You get three of each in the beginning, but you only draw from the quest cards when you play. These quest card can have monsters that you need to destroyed, which are destroyed by having more strength than it. Strength is given by level and treasure equipped, which you can play on your turn. The card that you can equip are race, armor/weapons, and occupation. You can only have one race and occupation; unless, indicated. Curses can be played too. You need to place them facing down before you curse people. These strengthening cards are to be played before you draw your quest card. The winner is the person to obtain level ten. Levels can be obtained by selling (discarding) cards. A thousand of the currency can raise your level up one. Destroying a monster does too, but only one person in the battle can obtain the level. Elves have an advantage because they can join battles and obtain a level with the person on the quest; therefore, you don't need to destroy a monster alone. You can get others to join you. If you can't destroy the monster, you will die; however, you can flee, if you roll a 5 or 6. If you die, people can get the treasure that you left behind; however, you keep your race and occupation in the next turn, when you are reborn, and I think that you lose the level that you obtained. No one died in the game that we played, so I don't know how to obtain the treasure. I will say that the next player to play can chose, and the next players can take what is left on their turn. Treasure is obtained when you defeat a monster, and many cards are self-explanatory. The winner cannot win by selling treasure to obtain the tenth level. It can be only obtained by destroying a monster or divine intervention. I don't really like this rule, but the person with the lowest level gets all the discarded cards; however, one needs to end a turn with 5 cards usually. I think that I covered everything.
On Wednesday I was able to get Lily Mergist's phone number at institute. I met her last week at institute. I wanted to add her as a friend on Facebook because she is really cool; however, she doesn't have a Facebook. I learned to ask for their number, if they don't have Facebook. I was not really interested in getting her number, but it still shows interest. I wanted to be able to follow her on Facebook and chat with her occasionally. It was awkward because the next day I got my haircut, and Lily was a student at the salon school. She was chatting my ear off during my haircut, saying the most awkward things; plus, the hairstylist was flirting with me.
     The hairstylist was a lot more mature, and we had an interest in running and Latin dancing in common. Her name is Francisca Montes. I laugh a lot as I said before. It was funny because she told me to tell her, when the water got too hot as she washed my hair. I figured that she should know how to regulate that on her own. The water temperature apparently changes without her control. She was flirty, asking me to visit her ward, and about being friends on Facebook, but a mistake that I made is that I did not ask for her phone number with the friend request. I usually invite hair stylists to use their imagination and skill to do whatever they want, and everyone so far has not actually change my hair style. I was ready for a change, and Francis was the only hairstylist that changed my hairstyle. She may have liked the nature of my liberalness, embracing and pushing her skill. She also noted that her friend wondered if I was her brother, so the natural feeling of family was nice. I invited her to run with me and a friend. She wanted to, but she didn't have her stuff. After leaving I realized that I should go back in to get a glass of water or two to get hydrated. I called my friend, and he said that he forgot that he was going to a BYU Football game. I went back anyways to tell her that we can't run with my friend, but we can run together. She was not prepared, but we went to get ice cream instead. We got along well. She is honest and straight forward. She said that she is divorced after an eight year marriage, having two children. One age 6, and the other is aged 7. I am liberal, so I am up for the relationship; although, she is 27. I really like her, so I wanted to see her, dropping by to see her on the way home from work the next day, since it was my last day of work. She was too busy to reply. We have been chatting, but conversation is slow.
     My final days at work were almost emotional. The emotional times came when a coworker/friend started collecting thin pieces of stone as bookmarks for me because I have done that. His name is Urban Warner. The stone is too soft to give as gifts, but saved one in remembrance of him. I got his phone number, so I can keep up with him. Before I came to work, the Mexican people dominated the social life, and he would sit with them. There is a little shed that they eat at. I like hanging out outside, sitting on a big stone. Urban hung outside with me, which is convenient for him because he smokes. There is a feeling where you are going to missing a people that brings you to tears. I was feeling it, but I didn't cry.
     Thursday was the last night that I stayed in Heber City, and I was thinking of running with Kyle, visiting Eve and Ezra to say good bye to Eve. Ezra and Eve came before I knew it as we were eating dinner. Eve had a fun idea to make a fake salad with the thin pieces of stone that Urb saved for me. I was fine with it, since it breaks easily. We had Ezra's helmet as a bowl, and we put weeds, grass, and broke up the stone as the salad croutons; then, we went to share it with our friends; Danica, Katie, Luca, and Lillian. Only Lilly was around to enjoy the salad, and play for a little bit.
     Friday was fun; although, my ride to Rexburg came 3 hours late. Trevor Sweat drove. One thing that was cool is that my grandparents tried to find a relation with him, and they found out that they grew up with his grandparents. The cool part is that Trevor Sweat's grandpa rents my grandparent's farming land. Driving up to school was fun. We got along well.

    The Table Rock Hike is not as beautiful in the Fall as it is in the Spring, but it doesn't matter that much because the trail as so much rocks in it that you need to look down a lot. Cory Hafen posted on Facebook that he is going to hike Table Rock, and I jumped at the opportunity when two of our mutual friends committed to it. Amanda Reaser almost did not come because she had work at 4 pm, but we accommodated for her meeting at 5 in the morning. We arrived at 7 am. Cory had some friends from his ward that came along, but they did not last very long. A girl quit trying to stay up basically right off the bat, and the other two from the ward stayed back too, since they are the second car. A lot of people can't make it up the trail to the top of Table Rock, but we talked, saying that the trail is so rough that it is not worth the effort; unless, the person makes it to the top. That was our perspective. McKell Clayson was the other mutual friend that I had with Cory Hafen. McKell was my FHE sister in the Spring of 2013. The four of us were the core people to complete the hike, and we charged up it, making it to the top by 10:15. We thought that we had a time crunch to get Amanda home on time for work, but we got up to the top to quickly that we chilled out up there for about 40 minutes. I got some good pictures. On the way down we did not talk that much. I think that we were too exhausted, and we already explored the conversation options that we just focused on getting home. On the way home we were so exhausted that poor Cory could not nap with us, since he was driving. He said "The struggle is real" to stay awake. On the way home, I told Cory that I every person from Las Vegas that I met is super cool, since he was from there.

     Later that evening McKell and I went out to dinner with Dollie Mae Marble, who is also from Las Vegas, and Jesse Kaupert, since we were all in the same FHE group. We caught up and deepened our friendships. One thing that is special that has to do with our time is that Dollie Mae has some sort of health problems. It is so devastating to her that I have not had the boldness to ask what it is specifically; however, she went to Mexico this summer, going to Tijuana. This town is very poor and dangerous place, for people offered to purchase her the first time that she visited. She felt completely safe going down this time though. The city is known for great medical facilities, and the stem cell research and opportunities there has helped her from bed ridden lifestyle to activity again.
     This first weekend of the semester was good. Jesse organized a game night last night with an old FHE sister name Rachel. We all had friends coming over. Jossy Reyes, Naomi House, and Paige Dexter came. Rachel is lived in and served a mission in Germany, and we played the favorite game of Werewolf. Each game got more enjoyable as we played. The last game was funny because my roommate was the mayor and the lover, and one of the lovers was talking about killing people too easily. We nominated her to be killed, and the mayor joined in the vote against her; although, she was trying to draw attention away from herself. I was poking fun with Naomi basically the entire time because her roles in the beginning were very active and sinister. I was trying to have her killed basically every round.

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