Monday, September 8, 2014

monsoon season

hello everyone, beautiful rainy day today in Arizona.


We have a miracle! we taught irma this week about the word of wisdom. and it was really good we shared this scripture

mosiah 4:9 Believe in God; believe that he is, and thathe created‍ all things, both in heaven and in earth;believe that he has all wisdom, and all power, both inheaven and in earth; believe that man doth notcomprehend‍ all the things which the Lord cancomprehend.  We explained that although we dont know why we shouldnt ingest certain things that are harmful to the body,we should do it out of faith, trusting in God that it is for our benefit.

towards the conclusion of our lesson, she told us if drinking coffee was going to hold her back from getting baptized then she won't get baptized. We committed her to pray for strength so she can resist it and make a promise with God that if she keeps it her son will stop smoking. Her daugther was present and she told us of an expirience she had by making a promise with God, she told us that her baby boy had a lot of health problems and so she promised God that if she stopped drinking coffee, if He can heal him, she knew if she made a tiny sacrifice like that that He will keep  His promise as long as she keeps hers. As soon as she stopped he hasnt had any health problems, and one day she said "oh what will one little cup do" and she drank it and during that time he got sick again and she decided to quit it for good , because she knew that God don't play. it was perfect.

then we came back on saturday and we read the Book of Mormon with her, after reading we followed up with her on her word of wisdom committment and she miraculously told us that she has "not had the craving ever since we have been talking about it, instead i rather drink my herbal tea, although my family makes it and offers me some i just look at it and have no desire to have some. I think it is really intresting how that has happened and i stopped all of a sudden since i haven't been able to stop drinking it since i was a wee lad" ofcoarse all this was in spanish heehee.

we expressed our love for her and how much we wanted what is best for her and that we have been praying for her. She was touched and knew that it was thanks to the prayers offered in faith.

This strengthend our testimony about prayer and that Heavenly Father provides the way for his children to keep His commandments.


Hermana Salas

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