Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Prozen (Okay, that was a lame one...)

Anna: "Do you want to build a snowman?"
Elder Lopez: "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"

Now before I start, I just want to say that I've never actually seen Frozen. It came out after I left to do the Lord's errand. So seeing as I'll probably get my fair share of grief teaching about a movie I've never seen, me, being the Awesome!ly humble Elder that I am, thought I would open with that disclaimer. "Just get on with it..."
C'mon people... It's been almost a year since
this movie came out... Let it go!
Let IT go!!!

So Frozen! Oh what can I say about it... "Nothing. You just said so yourself, you haven't even seen it. I'm surprised you even know it exists. Do you even know what it's about?" I thought you'd never ask. Here's Elder Lopez's summary of a movie he's never seen according to what he's heard/seen in pictures. "That's a REALLY long name..." The trademark is pending.

From what I know, Frozen follows two sisters named Anna and Elsa. Now, for reasons I don't really know, Elsa has these really cool ice powers kind of like Frozone from 'The Incredibles' but for one reason or another, it's a secret cause I guess cool ice powers are shunned upon when you're a princess. Oh yeah, she's a princess by the way. 

So Anna and Elsa have a pretty *icy* relationship. Anna looks up to Elsa but Elsa isn't very what you call fond of her younger sister. There's also something about building a snowman. Anyway, something happens and Anna reveals that Elsa has these really cool ice powers during her coronation. She's all embarrassed and whatnot so she runs away. 

So it's up to Anna and a guy who really likes reindeer, his name is Steven right? He looks like a Steven. Oh sorry I meant Kristoff, that's his name. His reindeer's name is Sven. Anyway, he likes reindeer cause they're better than people for whatever reason.They team up to find Elsa cause she's like freezing the kingdom with her cool ice powers. "Why do you keep describing it that way?" What? Cool ice powers? Are you kidding? Reader, It's Cool. Ice. Powers. "Fair enough." So shenanigans happen, they meet trolls and an odd snowman named Olaf and they finally make it to Elsa's ice kingdom. The two sisters have a rough relationship like I said, and angry sister stuff happens, (like it occasionally does) and Elsa accidentally curses Anna to freeze if she isn't shown an act of true love. (Which doesn't happen as often) 

The gang go back to the the kingdom of Arendelle to find Anna's love interest who has the snazzy name of Hans... Gruber...? "Wrong movie" (Who I might add decided they're gonna marry each other the moment they met each other) After explaining all the crazy shenanigans that just transpired and stating that true love's kiss is enough to melt the ice and break the curse (which in Disney movies, it usually is) Hans for whatever reason, decides not to, (Which in Disney movies, doesn't happen very often) and Anna is doomed to freeze to death. (Okay now this part gets really shaky.) I think Elsa comes cause she's all sad and Hans being the royal meathead that he is, tries attacking her and Anna sacrifices herself to save Elsa, causing that spark of love between the two siblings which breaks the curse. Happy things happen and everything gets wrapped up in a nice cold little bow where the sisters love each other and Elsa gets to keep her cool ice powers.

How'd I do? "You're gonna get A LOT of people upset..." Probably, but it's okay cause we're gonna talk about raising expectations. 
So as I may have mentioned multiple times, I've never seen Frozen but there is so much stuff about it everywhere that I may have well watched it.
Oh I get it, Frozen "On Ice"
Ha... Ha... Disney...
"Whoa. someone'e bitter..."
Knowing what I know now, will I still watch it? Probably. I mean, just cause all the ads and memes people have made about it have bothered me to no end, it could still be a fantastic movie and I'm expecting great things cause people have given it the highest praise. So where does that put us? "In a post you don't know much about?" Well, I know half about what I'm talking about... "Fair enough." We all have expectations for things. Whether it's for ourselves or others or the Chinese restaurant that looks really sketchy but it still could be good. You know who you are...

Expectations are something that can make or break someone. Especially when you start comparing yourself to others. In Preach my Gospel, which is pretty much a how to when it comes to teaching missionaries how to mission. (It's even in PDF format!) There's a section called, "A Successful Missionary." In this little gem, we read, 
"Avoid comparing yourself to other[s] and measuring the outward results of your efforts against theirs. Remember that people have agency to choose..."
We are all expected to be the best we can be, but when others are being the best better than you are, it kinda stinks right? "I bet you feel that way a lot when it comes to your grammar huh?" Not important... When we feel that way, we always have to remember that we are all different and that are success is correlated to the most we can possibly do. At the end of the day, we'll be judged after all we can do. Now you expected a usual Elder Lopez blog where I more or less know what I'm talking about right? "Honestly, at this point, I don't expect much..." But what you got was a bogus summary that is going to send legions of die-hard fans to seek me out and destroy me, maybe freeze me to death, depending on how hardcore fan they are. Maybe make some Elder Lopez icecub- "Focus..." Right.

Okay, the caption on this one has
NOTHING to do with the picture...
It's all about high expectations! You expect the best blog so you come here! (That was a joke, and probably not a very funny one.) God expects your best, to give up everything for Him, which is next to impossible or really really hard, but we do it anyway and why? Cause He loves us and we love Him. Yes, we love Him. Don't ever give yourself such low expectations that people don't expect anything from you cause trust me on this one, it's a bad road. It's one that leads to lack of self-worth and many a day doing nothing and expecting something to happen. Having high expectations forces you to try harder and harder, to meet said expectations and it too is hard and sometimes, VERY annoying, but it forces us to grow and who doesn't like growth? Farmers sure do. A very wise missionary once said,
"There's no growth in the comfort zone, and no comfort in the growth zone."
So grow people! And stop posting and flooding my news-feed with frozen paraphernalia, I get it, I'll watch it... 

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