Tuesday, September 16, 2014

'Doors' by Isidro Zapata

Have you ever thought about doors and how much of a big part they play in our everyday lives. In how they protect us from the outside world What is the feeling you get when you hear “Welcome come on in”? For me I feel every humble and happy all at the same time I feel like Neil Armstrong taking man’s first step on the Moon because I am entering into a new area that I have never been before. When you walk through the front door you are entering into someone’s life.
A door, keeps the world outside and all the craziness. It gives you a sense of protection from the outside and you end up being who you really are behind the closed doors and only a few people get to see who you truly are.
Behind every door people are living their lives. Kid’s doing their homework, wife cooking dinner, and the husband helping her out. Or you see a couple sitting down on the couch next to each other watching a movie behind each of these doors life is going on.
A door opens you up to a new world. Each person has a soul that wants to get back to it’s real home and that is up there with our Father in Heaven. The door is just the first step you take when you walk into someone’s life. They let down their protection from the outside world and invite you inn. This is your chance, to tell them the truth and set their souls free from this world. Before you can tell them the truth and set them on their way to the father, you first have to take that first step and walk through that door. That door will let you go into someone’s life and you can see who he or she really is and not who he or she pretends to be.
So, if you really think about it a door is truly important in our daily lives. When we open the door and invite someone in we are inviting them into our lives and we are showing them a part of us not a lot of other people get to see who you really are.

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