Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"The Love of God" by Isidro Zapata

In a blink of an eye you will be forgiven and he
will never walk away from you.
Jesus laid down his life to reconcile
you back to the one who truly loves
you forever more.
God is full of love and wants to bless your life
but the world just wants to take your life.
The world promise you love and happiness
but fails with every promise and is just
a lie. It will leave you broken and
all alone with nothing but questions
to life and no real answer's and no
true love just fake images like on
the T.V screen. World tell's you
chase after fame and wealth to
keep you from the truth. Worlds love is just
for a brief moment then it waits to replace
you as fast it can. Builds you up then, it tears you down.
While your life is falling apart the world laughs
and takes pure delight as it watches
your life crumble to the ground.
Cycle just repeats it self and their will be
someone in line to replace you like
you just did to the one before you.
So just known this that true love and being
accepted only comes from above for Jesus
put you first and never in second place.
Jesus does it want you to just read the books
and remember the
verses but to live by them.
First great commandment love God with
All your heart the second one to love your neighbor like yourself
I know it is easy to love or say you love God but a lot harder to
Love your neighbor for you need to put another person first just
Remember in a blink of an eye God will forgive you and never walk away from you and show you true love and will accept you as you are. For the world will judge you before they even get to know you. Just, remember how much Jesus loves you and died for you and he picked those, who were the outcasts of society to turn the world upside down. The Lord did not turn to a powerful popular rich family to show them the golden plates but instead a poor young man Smith to be shown the golden plates and his family were just regular people. So if you feel like you do not belong, Jesus has picked you to do something great and he truly loves you and will bring you someone to love you and forget
What everyone else has to say just remember the verse John 3:16
For Jesus saw your pain and hurt and you were more then worth it for him to give up his life and be beaten beyond any other human being and die a horrible death he did it for he loved you and left us the Holy Ghost to comfort you and give you direction and you will never be alone for Jesus loves you

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