Wednesday, September 17, 2014

'Prayer' by Isidro Zapata

I wake up in the middle of
The night my cell blowing up
And of course it is you again and I
Know here we go all over again just
A repeat from the last dozen of times
So I get on my knees and pray for you
Then read the Book been through this
Before I just repeat the cycle
To help you have a break through
Cause everyone knows you need help
Your family is pleaing
For you to stop but you show them no mercy
For when you are going to turn your life around
Oh no
Here we go a-again
Dont know
When it is going to end
Oh no
Where did it begin
So don't go
Maybe way back when
It all started to fall all apart
Let's be honest when it all started
It is not, like it just hit you
Where it all started is when U put the Book down You started to listien to all those lies
Floating around and you went and embrace
Them when they will just destory you
And leave you unable to sleep feeling disgrace
So you stop praying to the great one who
Can change everything you just need to turn
Away from it all pick up the Book again &
Start to ask for forgiveness
You just go the other way so
Oh no
Here we go a-again
Where did it all begin
So don't go
Maybe all the way back
When it all started cause it is just a
Repent, Pray, and read the Book
That will break this spell
I known everyone makes mistakes but
No need to keep it on repeat
Cause your heart will just become
Colder then you become inactive and
Your love is put out
So just do a 360 and see what is really
Out their just pain and their is nothing
Else that is out their just read the Book
Then the Holy Sprit will speak to
Your heart and warm up your cold heart
Turn away as tears cannot stop cause
You know you fell for the lies but it is
Okay the Son will take you back
And show you Love and the people
Of the church will help you too
And welcome you back with Love and Kindness
Then your world will change the Holy Sprit
Will lead you and Gods Love will
Turn everything around so now you
Have a brand New Life because of Gods Love
So their is no need to say
Another word cause of
Gods Great Love and Forgiveness

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