Monday, September 29, 2014

A New Week:)

Can you believe it's almost October already?? Wow! It blows my mind to think that exactly a year ago I was serving in Manhattan Beach and a year later I'm still serving here. I am really grateful for this blessing. Last night President called us and Sister Schvaneveldt is getting mid cycle transferred!!!! I was a little sad when we found out because we were all just starting to get the hang of this trio thing. But I know that Heavenly Father always has a plan and that he knows what he's doing. I am grateful for Sister Schvaneveldt she is such a great example of kindness and love. I love her! I was feeling a little down the other night and she really helped me to feel motivated again. I am grateful to be here and especially to get to stay and serve here still. I don't feel like I'm ready to leave yet. 

Yesterday we attended sacrament in Manhattan Beach and it was really great to be amongst the people I've come to love. Then towards the end of church we went back to the El Camino Branch and I just felt so good that Heavenly Father has blessed me with this opportunity to serve both groups of people. I love them so much! Johnathan our investigator from the YSA Branch came to church!!!!! YAY!!!! he's been a little flaky with us in the past but he came to church yesterday and he walked all the way from his home too! We had fasted as a district for all of our investigators and it was such a great miracle that our investigators in our District came to church! I am grateful for the power of fasting. Our District is super small hahaha it includes our trio and our District Leader and his companion. So just the 5 of us make up our District. I gave the training last week on "High Expectations" and I truly feel so grateful for the power of the Holy Ghost bringing all things to my remembrance as I prepared. ( you know how it would usually take me weeks to prepare to give a talk?) well I only had an hour to prepare for this training and I could really feel the Holy Ghost working with me and I feel that my Faith in God has truly grown because I was a little scared and nervous with the little time I had to prepare but I am grateful that Heavenly Father helped me to trust in him and he blessed me with great Companions who helped me alot! The training was really good and I loved being able to learn from the Elders and Sisters in my District. 

Oh Guess what? I don't know if you'd heard of a movie called "Meet the Mormons" but the Missionaries in our Mission got to watch last week and it was sooooooo Great!!!!! Please check it out when you get the chance it's such a great Movie and sooo inspired. Oh Wow! I was really touched by it and really just made me so grateful to be a member. It's so great. Please take a friend to go see it. You can go onto to request it to be shown to a local theatre near you. 

How did you like the Women's Conference Yesterday? I loved it! I loved President Uchtdorf's talk. I just felt such a great desire to be better prepared to enter the temple. I can feel now how important those covenants are and how biding they are and how they can truly protect us from Satan's influence as we faithfully keep them. I really commit to forget myself more and truly give my all to my Lord. Please pray for Johnathan he has a Baptismal Date for the 18th of October. 

I Love you So much

Sister Koroitamana

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