Sunday, May 18, 2014

May 18, 2014

    The first track meet of the spring 2014 was yesterday. It was fun to see everyone's initial races. A sprinter was trying to win the girl's mile, and she almost did. I was proud of the guy's mile because two runners already broke 5.
     I ran my first 5K on track yesterday. My time was disappointing. It was 18:02. 6 minute pace is not fast. I should be running this pace on my jogs; not my race pace. This race was my first 5K on track, so I am giving myself a little mercy because I am going to be able to mentally understand the race next time. I don't have any competition, so that is going to make my goals difficult. I am going to have to take control of my training because the universality of how my coach trains is making everyone to be milers. I have never really been a miler. I did well in my 5K strategy at first.
    Before the race heard that the 5K record at BYUI is 16:50, so I calculated that all that I have to run is 80 seconds per lap. I am happy that I was able to pace myself well for nearly two miles. When I finished the second mile, I heard that my split was 11:50, which meant that I had to run a five minute mile to finish, so I kind of gave up on the record for that race. I had lapped every competitor in my race, coming in first, but my goals is to break 16 in the 5K.

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