Monday, May 26, 2014

Hey! Love!

Hey! Love!  How are you? How has your May been?
Mine has been ok. This week has been abit challenging for me. On Friday we were at Correlation Meeting with out Ward Mission Leader and his wife. It was good but I was just not feeling good. I felt so weak and drained physically, Emotionally and Spiritually I just wanted to cry:( Sister Clement ( Our Ward Mission Leader's Wife) saw me and knew that something was wrong. Oh I wanted so badly to just confide in her but I knew that there was no way I could do that without My companion hearing me. So I just had to hold in. We finally got home and every part of my body ached and I just prayed and cried myself to sleep.

On to brighter news. We had 5 investigators that we were actually teaching at church yesterday!!! It was wonderful to see them all. It was a big blessing and a Miracle that they all came the Sunday we were giving talks:) After church we went to visit the daughter of one of our investigators her name is Aura she is 17 and we were able to get to know her more. She is just amazing, She has such great Faith in God. She shared experiences with us that's helped her to know that he's there and it's been so great to learn and grow with her. We asked her why she wanted to come closer to God and she said it was because it makes her happy. What a beautiful response! It's so true the Gospel makes us Happy! She loves reading and loves the smell of Books, We are currently teaching her Mom and Dad too they just need to get married first. So that was a big blessing for me this week- Meeting Aura.
The thing that went through my mind through out all of this was what Lesson is Heavenly Father trying to help me learn. I don't really know exactly what just yet but for now it is alot of patience. Also I was thinking about how when I get married will I have to deal with this too? Oh Man! I thought maybe Heavenly Father put us in a companionship 24/7 because it's good practice for Marriage so that we just have to suck it up! and move on.LOL:)
I Love you!!!

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