Saturday, May 3, 2014

happy is he who can discover the causes of things in old latin

Lesego Mholo and I had a profound conversation about the love of God in her service within the Young Women last Sunday. I simply wanted to publish her insights, but she is going to write an article about it. She has a great understanding about what true love is. Here is a hint of her wisdom.

me: Do you have a calling in the YW?

her: i never thought i cld love som1 more than i love myself bt i hv realized tht i love these girls wen they r sad m sad.

me: What does this love led you to do?

her: yah m a second counselor

me: i sacrifice every thing hv just to be wit them nd being a part of their lives nd making sure they hv a helping hand

This is the final article that we put together today.

We r connected in humanity by hardships nd thoughts, the air we breath the cosmos, the flesh nd spirit. things around us  complement human life , we myt be different bt we all cum from 1 God. The love we hv for our Heavenly Father shows clear desire to thrive in His presence once more; furthermore, the love we share shows the true desires of our hearts. the cronicles of life ties us together from the begining of life. we might sin differently  nd think we know better than the other person bt the organic compounds of our nature nd spirit connects us. we r drown closer to wats familier to the  patterns nd rules we create in life. we find comfort in wats familier to us nd the last part its in latin meaning (happy is he who can discover the causes of things) felix qui potuit rerum cognos cere causas.

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