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April 19, 2014

One night last week, I knew that I was going to not be able to sleep because I took a long nap late in the day. I was somewhat decided on watching the new Johnny Lingo movie, but last time I watched a movie on my own, I found my favorite movie; however, Johnny Lingo is up there as my favorite. I place it above the category of Disney. I already wrote that my favorite movie is "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time," but the point at this moment is that it is a cartoon animation.
I was exploring animated films, risking my virtue, chastity, or purity, and I would like to admonish you to limit the risk of the purity of your mind to the minimum. I learned that if one is risking it's virtue, he has already compromised it. I watched a video, introducing me to the greatest animated films of all time in the opinion of the YouTuber. These films glorified in destroying the virtue of a soul, and I have written my pondering on this subject of art. I will start with discussing, the virtue, integrity. Escapism is next. My initial revelation follows. Exploring unnecessary things is addressed after that. I conclude returning to the subject of virtue and chastity. I had Jesse review this article, and he wanted me to add that all art is not like this.
 Why can art deny the morals of man, which I call integrity? Integrity to me is the honor of a man. If a man entered into a contract, integrity calls him to live up to everything within it. Integrity includes all the good principles of life; big to small, for it esteems the small to be great. Why do artists say that the rules are made to be broken? If you don't break them, you are limiting yourself.
It glorifies the people without integrity, showing that this is normal. It promotes immorality, saying that this is the norm; therefore, you can join it. When the opposite is assumed, the vast majority should have integrity, which we trust, but Satan wants to destroy all that humanity hopes for. We hope for integrity in humanity, but he says integrity is not needed to be heroic and virtuous. You don't need to be pure and clean to be a hero. There is no integrity and virtue in humanity. These people save and inspire the world. Heroes are carnal. Heroism is carnal. Is art attractive and carnal? Does art please the natural man? Can virtue come from filth? Can purity come without repentance? Here are some examples, where art has no integrity. I have seen that a boy offered up his virginity to be seen by 45 people for art; secondly, a pop artist had someone puke on her during a performance. Art is so disturbing now a days. Describing it is not simple. It seems that the more that it is in the world of Satan's disorder the more beautiful that it is. What is acted upon is not beautiful. When one gives up its agency to a being that wants to destroy the intelligence thereof, the individual is acted upon, usually meaning that we are following the temptations of Satan; however, this is oftentimes what art is. A fruit of the spirit of Holiness is temperance. Soap operas are another example of this too. I see that losing the grasp of yourself may be sought after when participating or viewing this art.
Escapism seems to be part of it. I feel it, saying "I hate my life. I don't want to deal with it anymore. Let me forsake my existence for a moment. Let me give my agency and virtue to another's mercy." This seems to be tempting because it is a tendency of the natural man. It gets more attractive the more that you do it, giving up your soul to art and getting lost in Satan's world. There is a shock value sought after. People want to feel everything, and people don't want to feel anything. People want to trust humanity is beautiful, but want to know how they should not trust humanity. Do artists need to deny themselves of virtue in order to make art? Is this beautiful?
Pondering why art seems to deny integrity, I see that it is Satan glorifying himself, blatantly showing himself to the world that denies his existence, saying this is reality; his reality. Satan does not exist to his world, but does he? Are the promptings of Satan beautiful?  Desires of Satan tells the world that it has no integrity, trying to help it recognize that there is no hope nor integrity and virtue. Why are the philosophies of man mingled with scripture and Satan's deception beautiful? Why is art carnal? Why is denying virtue, destroying it, and taking it away art? Why does it embrace sin? Is it for money? To be set a level above another, yet to be united in carnality? To be praised of the world or accepted? Is it to be heard, seen, expressed, recognized, and understood?
I am prompted to say something about art, teaching that which is not understandable and should not be understood. Is that which is not understandable attractive insomuch that we should participate in it again to try to understand it? Is one understandable? Is recognizing this art? That which is not understood thrown at an individual for him to seek to understand is how I understand is overbearance. If the depths of knowledge is revealed to that which has not the slightest clue about it, the individual may misunderstand it, and trust can be denied. Can this be beautiful and art? This seems to be a part of shock value. People want to understand that which is not understood; even though, it is destructive and chaotic. Satan wants us to be lost in the depths of that which cannot be understood and should not be understood. There is a lot of insanity; therefore, we should understand it. Is insanity the new norm? This is a way Satan wants to destroy trust in humanity to make us believe that we do not deserve agency and don't have agency. Let's be acted upon, for it is art. Is chaos and the destruction of life beautiful and art? This comes from not acting as true intelligence. True intelligence acts for itself? Does true intelligence do that which is not fruitful? Does true intelligence create that which does not uplift? Is it acted upon denying itself agency, integrity, and virtue? Does creating that which is not understandable come from true intelligence? I was talking to my brother about how there is a philosophy about how humans think like how computers operate, and I said that how can someone create that which it doesn't understand. Computers need to be designed to be understood to be usable. I believe that there can be foundations of technology that can be created that are not understood by man, but should we explore that which is not understandable? Should creating something that is fruitless be art? Should we participate in that which will not bring progression? What will happen to us, if we do? We will digress. Can writing a book and reading a book that doesn't make sense be fruitful? I feel that I can easily do that. Denying virtue and integrity is easy, but why is it esteemed art? What if I write something that doesn't make sense to the normal man, but it can make sense? Should it be understood? Would it be overbearing? Virtue, integrity, and purity is "that which was most dear and precious above all things, which is chastity and virtue" according to Mormon, the man that abridged the Book of Mormon.

The talk that impressed me the most in general conference was by Sister Reeves. She addressed her grandchildren and the world at large concerning this most dear and precious above all things. She addressed pornography, but chastity, understanding it, is what I want to write about. The chastity of man is a pure mind, which does not seeks sexual relationships, but it seeks eternal life. It requires temperance unto resisting and hating sin, hearkening to the great mind of God, which is the Holy Ghost continually. Chastity never seeks the temporary pleasures of the world, but always desires that which is true and faithful. Chastity has real intent unto these things. It cannot be obtained without the pure love of Christ of charity. Lusting is sin. Thou shalt not covet. Chastity is a most vital part of integrity. I truly do place chastity and virtue as the most dear and precious above all things. I pondered for hours yesterday about addressing a girl about this subject, warning her about a guy that wants to take away her chastity and virtue. I will ensure that my children understand this, counseling with them often to have the wisdom of the principles of integrity and chastity very early in their lives. These things are most cherished to me, and I trust my children that they can apply this wisdom well. Imagine if the two most chaste and virtuous people marry, having the greatest integrity. Would not this union and relationship be the most beautiful, happy, and fruitful?

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