Thursday, May 22, 2014

In Awe of You

By Isidro Zapata

The very first time
I laid my eyes on you
In an instant I was so
Much in love with you I could never
Dream of anyone or anything ever hurting
You for my love for you is
Honest and pure without one
Shady spot in my heart for I am
Totally in awe of your beauty
And the love I have is just
Only for you as I held you and
Pulled you close I felt as though
I was in the presence of God because
Of all the love I feel coming from me
To you and you to me I just felt like
It was a, dream come true all the pure
Love I have for you. I watch you fall down
And it hurt me so deeply not too
Go and help you back up but
This is all an, part of what life is all about falling down
And being able to get back up I went and dusted you off
And hugged you and wiped your tears away
Then hold you as tight as I could then look into your eyes
It hurt me so much to see you in pain
So I tell you how much I love you and even
Though I did not pick you up just know that
I am never far away to wipe your tears away
Because I am still so madly in love with you
For in this life you are going to fall and get
A scrape here and there but I will always
Be in awe of you just like a repeat of when I first
Laid my eyes on you. For I am a that child
That fell and God watch me stand up
All by myself and I wonder where did you go
Then God showed up in a blink of an eye
To wipe all my tears away and he is still
In awe of me for his love will never fade away
Or be sway by the mistakes I make every day
For Jesus wiped all my sins
Away and just threw them away
For God is so in awe and his
Love will never go away
For God truly does
Love me for the price
That Jesus paid by the pain
He suffered and died for me
Even after all that I had done but
Gods love is all around and wants
To live in your heart so
Never forget God is never too far away
So repent and walk away from
What this wicked world is all about
So no need to ever worry for
God is in Awe
Of you and me because
Of his amazing love he
Has for you and me

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