Tuesday, August 12, 2014

pictures of our investigators Beatriz and the Martinez girls

hello everyone !! hope you like the pictures of the cute children we are teaching, they are so much fun.
The maritnez girls are tought cookies, they are still uncertain if they want to pay their tithing and since they werent reading the Book of mormon with their mom, except for with us their testimony hasnt grown as fast. Thankfully the church has come up with the Book of Mormon Stories, which is genius, it totally counts! so they have stared to read that. we are excited. MIRACLE!! so after we had dinner with them we had a nice conversation with the grandma who loves the church and she asked her daughter who is hte mother of our investigators when the girls are going to be baptized, because she wants to join them and be baptized too!!  we continued the conversation and asked her what she liked best about the church and she said everything and we talked with her daugther and she just sat there thinking. Well we asked her what she was thinking about and she said "about that day that i get baptized." it was so amazing!
but then we were over there the next day to do serive on saturday morning and she asked everyone if anyone wanted coffe and she expressed her addiction to coffee, and all the sister who are Mormon and tried to justify theri use of coffee and asked us things like why is it bad? one of them had a little attitude, and that it is proven to reduce the risk of cancer, and that coke is worse and why can we drink that?, i didn't know what to say because we both felt attacked and that no matter what we said they would not have listened. next time we talk about that and we are in an enviorment where the spirit can testify then i would ask them if they belive the church is true and if Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God, and if he was then when he recieved that revelation, it came from God and it is for our wellness. God is all knowing, he comprehends all things that we cannot and if we follow the council we will be blessed.
we have a new investigator named Alejandra. she reminds me of me when i was investigating the church. She is thirteen and is really mature for her age, she has even read some chapteres in the Book of Mormon when previous missionaries taught her, which is a big deal for someone to have the inrest and want to learn for themselves if the book is true, She really wants to come to church but her mom made up an excuse for her not to come. we will be persistant and loving. I know that if she keeps her eye on the temple and an eternal family she will never give up on her journey.

well i love you all have a happy week.

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