Saturday, August 30, 2014

August 30, 2014

     This past week at work has been more rough than any other. At least I didn't get angry. I think writing about the workplace is good for people to see what money is worth. Beginning collaboration with my cross country team, I designed a shirt for my cross country team last night, and Eve said that a blank shirt should cost about 10 dollars. I said that is too expensive; then, she said why do people think that ten dollars is worth so much. Children seem so materialistic. They lie so much too. At least Eve and Ezra do. I think that it has to do with how they are raised. Their home is very broken. Their lies manipulate, which takes many other forms.
     Work started out lame this week, and literally ended retarded. I was giving veneer to my coworker, palletizing, and he threw back the ones that were 2 inches thick, so I put it on the line to be fixed. It should be between 1.25 and 1.75 inches, but the next day the crew leader says that they should be thinner than 1.5 inches. The supervisor agreed with the first statement though. When the people, cutting it, received the 2 inch veneer; they threw it down to me telling me to break the edge with a hammer, but the crew leader tells me not to. Stone and commands contrary to each other were coming from all directions. That was ridiculous. I lined the conveyor belt with all the bad ones that I didn't have time to break, and I also was not supposed to. They had to have a place. If it is not the machine, dumpster, or the pallet. It was also a display that a lot of the stone coming out of the machine is too thick, but they didn't learn much. This carried out over two days with me as the center focus. My coworker said that the measuring tape is the official standard. Did I tell you that I think that there are too many leaders at my workplace? Why can't everyone just trust that they are doing their job? Everyone sees what is going on. Nothing is hidden. My coworker went through basically the same thing as me, but not as obvious to get everyone's attention. I try to be flexible because the supervisor is, but the crew leader isn't.
     My coworker that has been my partner this past week is kind of ridiculous in my eyes to. I felt retarded because he can do 5 jobs at once while I can barely do one. When he was off doing another job, I was placing the stone on the pallet to be palletized. When he came back. I was so behind that I couldn't catch up. Another coworker rolls his eyes often when he sees my partner jumping around to so many jobs. My crew supervisor thought that he needed to teach me to do it faster; although, I have been doing fine. What he was doing was contrary to what I was taught too, but I did what he did. Basically putting down without order. I was remorseful because I have learning disabilities, and I can't think as fast as my partner. I don't like how people think that everyone can do the same thing that they can do. He expects me to jump around to every job like it is nothing. As I pondered my retarded state, being too slow to do my job, my coworkers thought that I was tired. Life is not that simple. I thought that my patience would eventually let me catch up, but my patience is not my crew leader's patience, and I was sent to another spot. I felt more isolated and given more freedom because my abilities are unknown, and I looked a little depressed.
     Coming home, I meet my cousin Hutch and his family. His children looked at me like I was a very random person, visiting the house. When Eve and Ezra came, they wanted me to join them, but I wanted Eve and Ezra to play with their cousins without me, the stranger. They rarely get to play with them. The children were playing with the weakness of youth, and my presence would have been awkward.
 I don't need to explain it if I have a picture of it.

     I wanted to work on designing my shirt for my cross country team. The only thing that people don't understand is the runner's lingo. The lingo of sitting on someone in running means to run right behind a leader for pace and reduced wind resistance.
     Collaborating with my team, I have found that the girls are up to talk more. None of the guys that I invited has committed to be on my team. I am telling them that I plan to have a varsity and junior varsity team for the experienced and beginner runners. I am excited because I have chosen two team captains already. Their perspective on the sport fits the role well, and they are excited for it too. A lot of people want to make good friends, and I am thinking that making shirts together would be a lot of fun for our first weekend together.
     Eve convinced me to play with her rather than buy a couple Shakespeare play tickets for my date today. I write that she is materialistic because Eve did not want to play with her friend Lillian because I broke her trampoline. She couldn't think of anything to do to play. Her creativity is weak. We have had fun, playing with McGuire, and she thought that we should play with them. Lillian came, and Eve said that I wanted to play with McGuire. I said that we should play with her, telling her that I did not say that I wanted to play with McGuire. McGuire and McKay eventually came out with a crossbow and a bow & arrows. Do you see the materialism? We played a little with it, but Ezra really likes water. He saw a hose, and asked if the water can be turned on.  McKay told him put his end of the hose in his mouth, and he will turn it on; then, McKay took the hose from him and sprayed everyone, getting them soaking wet. They played like they were firefighters, and the house was on fire. Spraying the house with water was too boring for McKay, so he left.
     I was driving a coworker to another job, so he can freshen up. He invited me into his house, and I watched a little Doctor Oz. The show today was about reducing home stress by unifying the family. The children in the show were manipulating like Eve and Ezra. They always lie to avoid the trouble of the consequences of the situation or actions and to get what they want. For example, Eve said that she was not wet to grandma before she felt asleep on the couch, when she was wet. Grandma would not want her to sleep on the couch, if she did say that she was wet. When Eve asked me to play with her and her cousins, she stabbed me with a pen, since I refused to go with her. She said that she hopes that her, stabbing me, will teach me to play. The pain was not bad. As I said, I am patient. I think to myself, if my coworkers hit me with something out of frustration. I would do nothing.
     My REVIT update is weak. It's only been a couple days since I completed the skylight. I checked out the square footage of the property, and found that it ranged from more than 3 to 7 times the size that they wanted. I am working more closely with my cousin to make sure that I design according to her desires. I like that she has not been too shy.

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