Tuesday, August 5, 2014

He has returned!

by Isidro Zapata

One, two, three three, two, one he has risen death could not hold him and death lost its sting Jesus God's only begotten Son the only Perfect one who loved those who turned away Jesus The Perfect One gave his life away For You & Me First Love, Grace, & Forgiveness so let go of everything that keeps God at bay Jesus endure a painful Death cause he loves You more then U can Ever Believe so Unlock your Heart So U can finally See The Books will guide you to all the Love You will ever Need Jesus will never leave You when You are in NEED You have a Empty Space Within you that U Try to fill it everyday but nothing ever works so you turn to another but they have the same need so U walk away with a Empty Heart so just turn your Heart to the One Who is capable of meeting this human need and finally be at peace and erase the wrongs U have done and become like our Father and forever be bless to be with our families forever & ever Amen

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