Monday, August 11, 2014

Look to the Savior and Live:)

Hi Beautiful!

Guess What?!? Last week while Sister Greer and I were out with our Member Sister Cocco we received a call from our Leaders and as soon as they started talking about having some changes in the Mission I just knew that one of us was going to be transferred. It turned out to be me and as soon as we heard that Sister Greer started crying. We were all quiet for a while and just let the news sink in. Sister Greer was sooo sad, She kept saying this was all dream. I can totally relate to how she felt because that's exactly how I felt when Sister Oakes left and I had only had 2 weeks to learn Harbor City. Sister Greer has been with me for 5 weeks and it's been such a great learning and growing experience, I really felt like I was a Mom in training helping her to come to love being a Missionary and not feel like she wants to go home and also helping and Feeling her Faith grow as she slowly gets the hang of things and the area. I feel that she will grow a lot more  now that she'll be in Harbor City with her new companion Sister Shute. Sister Greer is a blessing. Even as we were saying our "byes for now" she was crying and I know that that's exactly how I had felt. I know and Pray that she'll be ok. I am now serving in the El Camino YSA Branch and guess what?!?! It's  a singles Branch and my companion is Sister Rudd!!! She's amazing at teaching and really effective and she used to be a Sister Training Leader. So I am grateful for this wonderful blessing to learn from her. I feel like Heavenly Father has answered my prayers. Kind of Lately I've been praying to know how I can become a more effective instrument in my Heavenly Father's hands and unlike the beginning of my Mission it's not as clear to me now as it was before the areas where I can or needed to improve on. But now since being with Sister Rudd I am just learning and recognizing left right and center all those things I can and need to improve on. The other interesting thing about this transfer is that Sister Rudd is going home in 2 weeks!!!! So I only have 2 weeks to learn all there is to know about this area and it is a Stake that we cover. So I am learning that Heavenly Father allowed me to learn about Harbor City (a ward) in 2 weeks and because he helped me to do that and come to love that! I know that he will help me to understand and learn El Camino Branch and this Stake (Torrance North) in 2 weeks:) Here we go. I have come to learn so deeply how vital and so important it is to look to the Savior and live. I am learning to look to him and trust in him 1 hour at a time and sometimes one minute at a time.


The El Camino YSA Branch is Great! I am really grateful to be here. We have a lot of converts and most of them within the past 2 years. We also have a lot of Recent Converts that were just baptized previously and have gone less active. It's really sad but I know my Heavenly Father loves them and is aware of them. Yesterday was my first Sunday there and it was really great!!! actually it reminded me of the YSA Branch in San Jose. It's really nice to see things from the Missionary's perspective in the Singles Branch. I feel like at times we tend to play match making LOL:) I am really excited to serve here a little nervous but I know that Heavenly Father called me here for a reason. It's really easy to become friends with the Members here but Sister Rudd has drilled it to me this weekend that I need to use that being friends with the member and channel it to helping them with their Missionary work. Last week we visited a Less Active named Daniel he's 19 and was just baptized last year I think! He is awesome. He used to be in a Gang but now recognizes how much he feels so much better and lighter being able to walk the Streets and not feel like someone's after him. We committed him to come to church and yesterday he came to church!!! and he also came with his Neighbor and his Neighbor's Mama. That was so Great!! to see them all walk in:)


I love you!!!

Sister Koroitamana

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