Monday, August 25, 2014

Faith not Fear:)

Heya Love!

Last week was a little crazy at first but then it all worked out perfectly. Last Monday was Sister Rudd's Missionary Dinner with President and the plan was for me to be temporary companions with other Sister whose companions were going home as well. Well we got to President's house and the other Sisters weren't there yet. So President told us all to come in and while there the Missionaries who were going home all got together as they prepared for dinner. I felt so out of place. I stood next to President and talked with him for a while. ( that was a blessing in itself because we rarely get one on one time with President) He asked about how Mom was doing, I told him that I hadn't heard from her that Monday but I was sure she was ok. He then said that if I was worried he could call her to check up on her:) That was a blessing to know that. I didn't know we could do that. Then the other Sisters finally came and guess what their companions didn't come with them. So President thought for a while and then turned and told me. Sister Koroitamana I am assigning you to serve at the Visitor's Centre tonight until 8:30 would you do that? I was like! YES! He walked me there (it's right next to his house) and that was a blessing too! and he told me that it was rare that Sister get called to the Visitor's Centre especially if they're not originally assigned to serve there. He promised that someone was going to walk in there tonight that needed to hear my testimony or that needed me to speak Fijian. I was in awe and grateful for that opportunity. That night I served in the Visitor's Centre and it was such a great blessing. The Sisters there and I had  a lesson with an investigator named Sammy she is from Japan and hardly speaks English. I didn't get to speak Fijian to her but I did get to share my testimony and it was exactly what we needed. Since Sammy couldn't speak or understand English well we really had to teach simple and it was such a blessing to be a part of that.


On Tuesday we had another companion join us. Her name is Sister Harrison and she is great. Wow! I feel really grateful and blessed to be with her. She will be my companion for when Sister Rudd leaves, Tonight is Sister Rudd's last night and tomorrow morning she'll be flying off to Idaho. It's been great to learn from her but I feel like since she knows she's about to go home there's not that much of a push in our companionship to be exactly obedient and become fully effective and I miss that and need that so much! So I am grateful that I can do that more fully now:) This last week we had a great lesson with 2 investigators named Tyron and Adriana. We accidentally texted Tyrone thinking he was another investigator and after we had set up a time to meet with him, we then realized that it wasn't who we thought we were texting. We had no idea who this guy was or how we even got his number. Well we explained who we were and what we do and asked if he still wanted to meet and Guess what?!? he said of course!!! we were all sooo Happy and really excited to meet this "tyrone" We finally met with him and guess what?!?! He brought his Girlfriend along!!! Aw that was such a blessing. We had an amazing lesson with them and learned that the both of them went to El Camino College right across church and Adriana for the longest time has been looking to come closer to God and feel of his love but just didn't know how. She had gone to Tyron's church but didn't really feel anything there and when we told her about the Book of Mormon she was really excited to read it. I feel that the Holy Ghost was definitely present in our lesson because that morning the things I had learnt and was practicing in my personal studies were brought back to my remembrance clearly and we were able to teach to their needs through the Spirit. It felt so good. Unfortunately Tyrone and Adriana don't live in our area so other Sisters will be teaching them.


I got to go on Exchanges with Sister Djanie this week (She is our Sister Trainer now and she was my Trainer) That was such a blessing. She has grown and changed for the better so much and being with her really motivated to continue to learn, apply and change:) I am grateful for that blessing:)


I am coming to love this "YSA" thing:) I feel a lot of the things I am having to learn and share come from most of the Experience I've had right before my Mission! Whew! I am so glad and grateful to have Great Friends that help me to choose the Right:)


I Love you Lots and Lots and Lots and Lots more!!!!

Sister Koroitamana 

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