Tuesday, January 27, 2015

'Hi Beautiful!' by Sister Koroitamana

How are you? 

This week was a such a great long kind of short week. It was a little crazy I have to admit.We had an investigator named Eddie who we've been teaching and the Sisters previously have been teaching here since October. In the last weeks we've been talking a lot about his Baptism and helping him to prepare for it but he was always kind of shaky about it. We prayed a lot for Eddie. I came to love him so much as I prayed for him and the specific things he needed to progress. Then last week we finalized with him that his Baptism will be in the coming Sunday. As soon as we set that with him we began meeting with everyday and really trying to have members to every lesson we had with him. Through out the whole we both really felt Heavenly Father's hands leading and guiding us in our lives and in Eddie's life and this work. He really made it possible for us to meet Eddie with a member everyday even though Eddie lived almost an hour away and we had to pay for parking every day that we went. The members that came with us were exactly who and what Eddie needed to take this step. He used to be into Scientology and he has come so far. Last Sunday (Yesterday) at the LA Stake Center Eddie was Baptized! he looked sooo happy. He had invited his family and friends who were not members to come and upon seeing him all dressed up in white his Dad just said that Eddie looked soooo happy! His sweet Mom came up to us and just expressed all her love and gratitude for all that the Gospel has done for Eddie. As a mom she always wants to help Eddie be the best and she expressed how she loves the things that we teach him and how happy he is. Wow! I just love that! They were all sooo happy! We are currently trying to help our other investigator Everson now to prepare for Baptism as well. He is sooo sincere and just awesome! He is from Brazil and is here for work. Please pray for him:Last week we were in church and I was feeling little burdened down with just all the things that were going on in my mind, but as we walked in and sat down I just felt so peaceful and this feeling of love just came over me and just filled me up so much! I felt as though all my worries just melted away. Oh How grateful I was for church. 

I Love you!!!!

Sister Koroitamana

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