Monday, January 12, 2015

'so in the world of today: 12 Jan 2015' by Sam Orr

so in the world of today:
-The twitter and youtube accounts for a us military base were hacked.
Millions gathered in France to show resistance to terrorism, including 40 world leaders and representatives.
-Obama has been criticized for not making an appearance at the French rally or sending a representative. He admitted that it was a mistake.
-Isis released a video calling for the death of police officers.
-A pair of officers in Arizona are being charged with the murder of a homeless man.
-Boko Harem killed 2000 people in Nigeria.
-Cuba released 53 political prisoners.
-Large protests were held in Germany some against the growing Islam influence in Europe, and some to show support for Islamic people in Europe.
-2% of the counties in the US have fully recovered from the great recession.

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