Saturday, January 3, 2015

"What did I do wrong?" by Isidro Zapata

Why when we love
Someone & then it
Falls apart why is our
First reaction is
What did I do wrong?
We blame ourself before
We come to understand we fell in love with a Myth & the
Self destruction goes on
In our own head
Why is that our First Reaction?
Is it because we became
Drunk in Love & fail to
See the other Persons faults
Before it was to late
That the other person
Was just a Myth in our own mind
And the Real Person
That we fell in love with
Was never who they pertend
To be
And we were unable to
Uncover the Myth & see the Real Person
As time moves on & learn
From our mistakes do
We become less open to others
Because we let a Myth
Kill what God gave us
The Perfect gift
To be able to Love
Do we become cold
& to guarded to show
Others God's Perfect Gift
He gave to all of us
Their are Millions of Myths
Out in the world
A few truths
But just because we are
Fooled by a Myth maybe
More then once
Should we allow a Myth
To ruin what is
True & A Perfect Gift
God Gave Us
The Gift to
Love another
This coming holiday
Show others
Family, Freinds & who ever else
That you still have
The Perfect Gift to

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