Saturday, November 7, 2015

"Playing this Game" by Isidro Zapata

As we sit across from each other the room is filled with
Lies that we
Keep telling each other
Y do we keep
playing this
Game when we
Both know that
I have already
Lost U
Is it because
Neither of us
is brave
Enough to take
That last step
and our lives
Will never be the
Same again
I remember that very day
when I look into your
and all I could
see was
a stranger
Looking back at me
When U Speak
I go deaf
& your love
turn to hate
I just do not know
where to turn
then you spoke
to the both of us
so we
Look up and
let you restore
our love for one another
Your cold heart starts to melt
my ear opens up
now we are
on a new path
laid before us in the book
we are so thankful that
the both of us
got a second chance
due to the
one from above
who help us remember
the taste of our love
so thank you
Lord for your saving grace

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