Tuesday, November 10, 2015

"Life's Moments, Where Their Is No Need for Words" by Isidro Zapata

Their are moments
In Life
Where their is
No need for
Only a simple
innocent Embrace
Is, all it takes to
Give hope to your loved one
That you will give them

(When, the world had turned their back on them)

Tenderness and loving
(After they been hurt too many times to count)

for their well being
(To replace all those lonely nights when it seemed like
The world had forgotten them)

No words need to be spoken
you, are here to give them
You will always be there for them
When they need you the most
to wipe every
Tear from their eye
and replace
The painful memories
With joy and happiness
Just a simple
Innocent embrace
Speaks, louder
Then any words
only the sound of
Can be heard
From your embrace
these moments
in life are
here for you to
Hold unto
when life becomes much to dark
Jesus is here
To embrace you and
Never let you go
to bring you warmth from
this cold world
we live in
to give you the strength
To continue living
On the right path
That leads to
Everlasting life

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